A Dark Diary

My power grows. I’ve trained right under the noses of the Qeynos guard, and now, I am ready to leave my instructors and begin to study on my own. I have surpassed them, and it is time to begin studying on my own. I cannot remain here, however, as the magic I have chosen to devote my life to is forbidden in this city.I have gathered all that I need. My instructors were reluctant to let me… borrow… a few tomes from the collection that I wanted. I convinced them to allow me to use them. I also found a mysterious black stone on one of them after our discussion. I can feel some power emanating from it, and I believe it might be useful. Now, I must make my way out of the city before they are discovered.

I’ve made my way out of the city, and into Qeynos Hills. Although I don’t feel threatened by anything out this way, I do need to find a place to continue my studies. I do need to keep an eye out for Holly Windstalker, though. Although she isn’t tied directly to the guards of Qeynos, I have no doubt she would be happy to drag me back to them if given the chance.Excellent. I managed to find a set of ruins, which proved to be fortuitous in a couple of different ways. First, it is well outside of the eyes of the Qeynos guards, and secondly, it contains several complete humanoid skeletons, which I can put to immediate use. This way, I can set up an ample defense while I conduct my other experiments in peace. This should be exactly what I need.

My guards are now in place, and have already proven to be effective. A few adventurers approached my ruins, and attempted, I assume, to collect on a bounty that Qeynos likely placed on me. My skeletons and I made short work of them, and now I have a couple more guards for my ruins. I also noticed that the glowing black stone I found appears to be helping me focus better – I can feel some manner of energy flowing from the stone, and into me. This object is quite useful indeed.I am comfortable here. I think I would like to have my skeletons begin helping me to build up the ruins a bit, both to be more defensible, and because, simply, I want to make that which is mine even more grand. I have made great strides in my studies since coming here, and I believe I am on my way to a breakthrough… to an ancient process that might allow me to study forever. And eventually, perhaps return triumphantly to Qeynos with my undead armies in tow.


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