Hall of Discourse

[a faded, undelivered letter]

“Dearest sister,

I write this correspondence with the hope that it may reach you someday. It has been many weeks since we said our goodbyes and I miss you dearly. I know you can’t understand why I had to leave, and I pray you never truly do. To feel forsaken, even betrayed by the very god you pledged to serve I do not wish upon any man or woman.

I have found others that have experienced what I now feel. Together we are building a city upon this island, away from those things that pain us. We are building a community of peace, prosperity, and learning where all those that feel outcast may come. The name of this new city is Tanaan and all will share in the wisdom.

Your abandoned but always loving brother,

Yorlin, former Paladin of Quellious.”



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