Alchemic Alcove

[a yellowed message]

Alchemist Pranton, I very much appreciate the discourse you gave today within the hall. If the many nodding heads and agreeing murmurs are any indication, you and I are not alone in believing Tanaan is ready for the great knowledge that Chel’Drak still withholds from us. We have become exceptionally wise and learned. We have eagerly digested all that the God of Knowledge has bestowed us with, surely he must know that we are ready for His greatest doctrine. We have proved that we are worthy to know of those secret things that are withheld from our studies.

It is my plan to soon lead a portion of our number to Chel’Drak’s lair in order to obtain the codex that he holds. The guardian surely will not turn us away this time. I can not allow him to dismiss us again.

I shall soon return with the greatest of all knowledge.

Vondrax, defected Shadowknight of Thule


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