Akhevan Language

From the ancient vault I bring you, the brittle crumbling pages that detail the Akhevan language and social structure…
Centi: Guard
Centien: Protector
Crys: Acrylia
Dabo: Craftsman
Diabo: Master
Dyn: Earth
Fer: Fire
Gel: Gold
Kela: One of
Kyl: Platinum
Lek: Water
Lumanes: Greetings
Mok: Copper
Rentha: City
Tek: Silver
Thall: Sacred
Va: Shadow
Vex: Heart
Vyanemis: Farewell
Vyl: Velium
Wen: Air
Xakra: Spirits
Xin: War”
One – Kel
Two – Dat
Three – Set
Four – Raf
Five – Vin
Six – Dax
Seven – Lor
Eight – Tak
Nine – Ved
Ten – Kelara
20 – Datara
100 – Elora
200 – Atorra
300 – Etorra
400 – Aforra
500 – Inorra
600 – Ashorra
700 – Ororra
800 – Akorra
900 – Edorra
1000 – Kelorra”
“Writing Numbers Guideline

The symbol ` is used to link the words together when writing out the numbers in text.
11: Kelara`Kel
“Pronunciation Guideline
X is pronounced SH unless it appears at the end of the word in which case it is a hard X (Ks)

Descriptive words usually follow the noun or subject.”
“The Akhevan Social Structure (of Vex Thall)
Vex thall is divided into 5 primary sections. There is a council of 4 that hold rule over their own section, and 1 prophet of luclin that oversees all including a section of the city designated solely to the prophet.

In the council of 4, 2 are designated as High council members and 2 are designated as Intermediaries.

Warlord – Diabo Xin Dabo
The warlord rules over the Xin Dabo (Craftsmen of War).
Once every year they may be challenged to a battle of might.
The challenge is to the death and the victor receives the rank.
The warlord serves the king

Lorekeeper – Diabo Va Dabo
The lorekeeper rules over the Va Dabo (Craftsmen of Shadow).
Once every year he may be challenged to a battle of magical energy.
The victor receives the rank.
The lorekeeper serves the High Priest

High Council
The King – Diabo Rentha
The king rules over the Rentha (The city).
The king is a high council member and the position lasts until he is removed by the prophet.
The king may call upon the Va Dabo for his needs.

The High Priest – Diabo Xin Thall
The high priest rules over the Xin thall (Sacred warriors).
The high priest is a high council member and the position lasts until he is removed from position by the prophet.
The Diabo Xin thall may call upon the Va dabo for their needs.

The Prophet – Aten Ha Ra
The prophet rarely even appears before any other Akheva.
The prophets word is the word of luclin.
The prophet lies sealed away within the heart of luclin. (The tower in the center of the 4 sections.)”
“The Akhevan Social Structure (of Akheva City)
Centien (City Guard): Centien warriors are the primary guardsmen and peacekeeper of the city proper. They are under the authority of the king.

Kela Rentha (Commoner/servant): These are the commoners of the city area who perform the many day to day activities.

Akheva Guardians
Torgarath (Soldier): These Akhevans are among the largest and strongest of the Akheva. They are charged with defending the city during war and serve as Guards during peacetime. They are under the authority of the warlord.

Kela Xin Dabo (Commoner/servant): Servants of the guardians, they form the force in the guardian section that performs important duties for the soldiers. Such as armor repairs, brewing, porting baggage, and scrubbing the Torgaraths feet when they are sweaty.

Akheva Lorekeeper
Senshali (Special forces): Senshali Warriors specialize in stealth. They are the special operation forces of the Akheva. They are under the influence of the loremaster.

Kela Va Dabo (Commoner/servant): These are the caretakers of the lore. They perform the menial duties of keeping the books in order, the ink wells full, etc.

Akheva Priest
Liako (Holy Knight): Liako Warriors are Akheva pumped full of divine and dark magic to create the imperial force of the city. They are under the authority of Aten Ha`Ra.

Kela Xin Thall (Commoner/servant): Technically servents of the priests. They are treated with the highest respect and are initiates of the order of shadows.

No Influence (Ronin)
Telaris (Mercenary): Telaris are free roamers who are usually not welcome within Vex Thall. An exception is made when there is a danger to the Akhevan home, in which case Akheva Telaris are hired as mercenaries. Occasionally a member of one sector will be assigned to another sector other than one of their own. For instance, if a Torgorath is assigned to the temple area they would be designated a Torgorath Xin Thall. Servents are never assigned to other sectors other than their own.”

Source: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/akhevan-language.5092/#post-63301

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