What we know of Kunark

Upon Examination: This book was obviously hastily thrown together and is bound loosely on cheap paper.

What we know of Kunark – By Ebber Hauswobble

Just what do we know of Kunark? What is all this fuss over? I, Ebber Hauswobble, gnomish historian of Freeport, have endeavored to release this short tome regarding what is known about these long lost isles.

Full of deep jungles and high mountains, the land is an untamed one, and attracts those who wish to live similarly. The more civilized races have had a long, troubled history trying to establish ground there. Firiona Vie, an outpost begun by elves and later by other adventuring races on Kunark, was abandoned any number of times before reaching any sort of stability.

The knobby goblins, the badger-like burynai, and the wolf-men drolvarg were all known to flourish there. Do they still? Who knows! But with the recent troubles at sea we have been having, we know for certain that one people still flourish the sarnak. A blend of dragon and iksar, the sarnak have ever long been feared.

And what of Venril Sathir? The great and terrible lord? Does his influence still run deep among the iksar of Kunark? We know that he has led empires to great heights and great ruin, and that the only thing that seemed to remain constant was his own terrible presence.

When the Cataclysm struck, all of these questions arose  to remain unanswered! Because Kunark has been cut off, lost in the turmoil of a troubled sea, there were those who thought that, like our moon, it might have vanished completely. But that, it seems, is a question that has finally been answered. It seems Kunark didn’t vanish, but instead lurks beyond the swells, waiting, and its denizens have found their way out before we managed to find our way in.

Be cautious, citizens of Freeport! Especially if you should take to the seas. For as little as we know of Kunark, we know that it is not to be trifled with. Its jungles contain ancient power, and ancient anger, and perhaps other forces of which we have no knowledge.


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