The History of Gynok Moltor

The History of Gynok Moltor

Gynok hailed from Qeynos. As a youth he studied under the battle masters of the Steel Warriors. Under the rule of Antonius Bayle II, The Great Defender. He joined the Qeynos Guard and quickly rose in their ranks. It was not long until he was bestowed the title of Captain and appointed Captain of the Tower Guard. Gynok was a great Captain that led many successful campaigns along the Tunarian Coastline. He wielded a Magic sword called the Bone Blood Claymore that he earned in battle against a horde of demons.

It was Gynok’s bigotry towards all non humans that led to the eternal war between the Gnolls and Humanity. The gnolls of Blackburrow sought a peaceful relationship with the humans of Qeynos. Led by the High Shaman Opolla, the gnolls approached Gynok in peace, wishing to establish a treaty between themselves and Qeynos. Gynok was overwhelmed with his hatred of these sub-humans and struck out with his claymore, a unique sword with a blade made of bone. It chopped through Opolla’s hand. The war between the gnolls and humans had begun.

Gynok was stripped of his rank and exiled. The High Shaman of the Gnolls, Opolla, placed a curse upon him and all his descendants. He departed the Kingdom of Qeynos with a small contingency of loyal troops who shared his bigotry. The curse placed upon Gynok brought death to all those around him, as his troops soon learned. Gynok’s death march led him to the foothills of the Commonlands where his lust and skill for battle helped forge his alliance with the Order of Marr’s Fist. Unfortunately for that entire order, Gynok’s curse remained and caused the destruction of them all.


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