The Forbidden Pages

A collection of notes regarding or written by Grandmaster Tynn, founder of the Swifttail Caste.

“These pages have been deemed forbidden and possession of them is punishable by death. The destructive words and ideals of Tynn must not come to harm the Empire of Ik.”
— Sairox, High Record Keeper of Sebilis.

Nothing is known of this legendary iksar prior to his emergence from the jungles of the northeast Kunark only five years after the great Venril Sathir had united our tribes. He came with a superior knowledge of the combat arts and filled with a strange calm that came from the complete balance of body, mind, and spirit. He solicited the emperor to allow him to create a caste of monks that he could train to perfect themselves and better his people.

“The Emperor Sathir was wary of my proposition to train others in the ways of enlightenment. It was apparent that he wanted to control what his people were taught to insure that they did not rebel against him. However, he was intrigued with the notion presented and set his best warriors upon me. I was unwilling to fight. I did not come to the court of Sebilis as entertainment, but to teach my people how to better themselves through focus and training. When reminded of this the emperor just scoffed and commanded his men to attack. It was because of my great desire to bring enlightenment to my people that I did what the emperor wanted…” — Tynn

“It was amazing! I saw one iksar stand among the many fallen in Sathir’s court. With blinding speed and power, this wanderer, Tynn, dispatched many of the emperor’s elite warriors with his bare claws! As he fought, powerful bursts of energy and force exploded from his fists, feet, and tail as if he was consumed by an unexplainable power. All the while his face and posture told the story of one that was completely calm and focused amid the chaos of battle.”

— Anonymous courtisan of Sebilis.

Official Announcement

The Exalted Emperor Sathir, in his great wisdom, has desired to better his people by instituting the formation of the Swifttail Caste. Newly appointed Grandmaster Tynn will select from the best that the Sebilisian Empire has to offer and train them in the ways of superior combat. This is a glorious day and all will benefit from the benevolence of our emperor!
All hail the great Venril Sathir!

“The students you have sent me do not wish to perfect themselves. My teachings have been perverted and my ways disregarded. They are only concerned with how to punch harder, kick faster, move swifter. They have come to call the sparring grounds the ‘Court of Pain’, and established a tier system to rank themselves, so that they can glory in their own accomplishments in defeating one another. I know not if it was ignorance or out of insult that made them use my name for the highest rank, but the irony is not lost on me. I cannot teach those that are unwilling to listen.”

— Grandmaster Tynn to the Emperor Sathir

“Grandmaster Tynn has left us. He just rose up in the middle of another one of his useless lectures on meditation and walked off into the jungle. Good riddance, he had outlived all of his usefulness. We have learned all that grayscale had to teach us. We still have his writings on form and his diagram for something called the Claw of Instruction. Maybe someone will get around to constructing that.”

— Anonymous student at the Court of Pain in Cabalis


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