The Fall of Erudin

The Fall of Erudin:Part One
By: Khuzaymah In’am

Over two centuries ago, our forebears were faced with a great misfortune. The gods, realizing their diminishing power over mortals, forsook the races of Norrath and fled in cowardice. With the absence of the Norrathian pantheon the world was soon plunged into unease. While the seas began to churn, races bickered and fought with one another. Meanwhile the Erudites of Odus were quickly learning of the god’s real treachery. In an act of true arrogance the gods gathered all the Books of Knowledge thus removing the ability to teleport long distances. This fact, along sea travel rapidly becoming more dangerous, meant Odus was quickly becoming cutoff from the rest of Norrath.

While there were many who cared little about communicating with those outsdie of Odus, many more found the loss of magical travel to be a critical hindrance to their studies. Representatives from both Erudin and Paineel convened to discuss this matter and, in the name of knowledge, a stable measure of peace was established. Now united, the leaders of both cities declared that they would work together to unlock the secrets of teleportation. It was decided that a new Nexus must be created on Odus so that it could be monitored at all times. After a great debate on its location, it was constructed in the foothills of the Stonebrunt Mountains.

The new Nexus was built in secrecy under Quel’ule, a township created under the guise that it was a religious retreat built away from the bustling cities. In the meantime agents were dispatched to other continents of Norrath. Their missions were to recruit others to help them create a network of spires which would interface with the new Nexus. It was during this time things began to change in Erudin. A wise scholar by the name of El’Arad was quickly rising to power.

After proving his intellectual powers during the initial construction of the new Nexus, he was voted as a member of the Erudin High Council. Soon after, El’Arad rose to prominence within the council and became its leader. On a cold Feastday morning, Head Councilmen El’Arad announced the disbandment of the High Guards of Erud.

The Fall of Erudin:Part Two
By: Khuzaymah In’am

News of the High Guard’s termination did not sit well with its leadership, Vicegerent Jabalah and his brother Budayl. Later that evening a meeting was held with the leader of the Deepwater Knights, Sir Thamir Fa’iz. Budayl and Thamir were unable to quell Jabalah’s seething anger over El’Arad’s decision. In a rush, the Vicegerent stormed into El’Arad’s chambers within Erudin Palace and confronted him over his decision. The argument ultimately ended with the death of Jabalah at the hands of several void creatures summoned by El’Arad.

The murder of Vicegerent Jabalah threatened to disrupt El’Arad’s plan to control the city of Erudin. After denying any involvement in the Vicegerent’s disappearance, El’Arad pushed the activation of the new Nexus months ahead of schedule. When the Grand Farisan Nexus was activated a critical error was revealed. El’Arad and his fellow researchers based their construction of the Nexus off what was known of the Luclin Nexus and the spires in the Toxxulia Forest. Unbeknownst to El’Arad the spires were originally designed to channel their energy through the Nexus in Luclin. When the new Ulteran Spires were activated, they attempted to touch the original Nexus, and the mystical barriers erected by Norrathian pantheon caused the energy of the New Nexus to feed back upon itself.

The Ulteran Spires discharged the energy back into the new Nexus, which in turn exploded outward across Odus. This explosion of mystical energy not only destroyed the newly constructed Ulteran Spires on Antonica, but also tore through the fabric of reality itself, causing the entire continent of Odus to shift into Ultera. Realizing now as the time to act El’Arad revealed his secret allies to the rest of Erudin’s populace. Shadowed Men and other denizens of the void began to appear in the city causing havoc and destruction. In an attempt to save as many citizens as they could Sir Thamir Fa’iz and Budayl Idris organize an evacuation of Erudin. Rumors that safe passage to Paineel still existed gave hope that they could escape the aftermath of this experiment gone horribly wrong.

During the evacuation Thamir and Budayl are beset by a contingent of void beast led by none other then Madani Lu’ay, El’Arad’s most trusted advisor. The two men engage Madani in combat and soundly defeat the ambush. It is now certain in the minds of the two men that El’Arad has aligned himself with Roehn Theer. Thamir and Budayl then resolve to assemble the entire order of the Deepwater Knights so that they can overthrow El’Arad. The following morning over one hundred men and women soldiers marched through the streets of Erudin towards the palace. Lead by Sir Thamir and the de-facto leader of the High Guard, Budayl the army entered the palace, finding it undefended.

Cautiously they crept deeper within the vast halls of the impressive structure. No sooner than the last soldier entered the palace the huge iron doors of the palace swung shut, trapping the rebellious army within. The sounds of an extraordinary battle were soon heard. Thunderous explosions and screams of agony pierced the morning air of Erudin in a cacophony of Agony. The last remnants of justice were all but wiped out. El’Arad’s capture of Erudin was now complete. The Order of the Deepwater Knights was no more.


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