13th Anniversary Raid Text (EQ1)

Source: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=5702

Initiating the Expedition

You say, ‘Hail, Sam Napth’

Sam Napth glares at you angrily before quickly changing demeanor and speaking, ‘Welcome back, _____… While our previous efforts to put a [stop to Mayong] did not work out as planned surely if we try again it will work out differently!’ The halfling pauses for a moment and laughs uneasily, ‘Then again you may just be here to work on one of the other tasks?’

You say, ‘We’ll put a stop to Mayong’

Sam Napth nods, an unnatural grin flashes across his face before he speaks, ‘I suppose I am the fool for not seeing this earlier. It is up to you and your allies to put an end to the vampire god… again. Tell me when you are [ready] and I shall transport you as close to the Tower as I can.’

The Tower of Frozen Shadow is now available to you.

You say, ‘Ready!’

Sam Napth grins and says, ‘Good luck.’

Iceclad Ocean

You say, ‘Hail, a distraught raider’

a distraught raider says ‘So Sam has sent you here as well? Then I shall pray for your safe return from the tower. Tunare did not see fit to heed my wishes for my own allies, so I’m sure her infinite mercy is being saved for you and your party.’ The cleric sighs, ‘Of course if you would rather [return] to New Tanaan than spill your blood in the icy halls then I would be happy to transport you back.’

You say, ‘Hail, an anguished adventurer’

an anguished adventurer says ‘So Napth has talked you into storming the tower too?’ The half elf chuckles, ‘Well I wish you the best of luck, _____, you may need it. As you can clearly see by the weapons clutched in my allies’ hands, we were not ill-prepared for what lay ahead of us in the tower, yet we stood no chance once we crossed the gate. It’s still not too late to [return] to New Tanaan, life is more valuable than pride… To some.’ The tired raid leader looks over his fallen allies and sighs. ‘

You say, ‘Hail, a pensive heyokah’

a pensive heyokah glares, ‘And hail to you, an obtrusive busy-body. Now away with you, I’m trying to locate an idiot’s spirit in the afterlife so I can revive him. He owes me money!’ The barbarian kicks a bit of snow over the dead dark elf’s body.

You say, ‘Hail, an irate reaver’

an irate reaver says ‘I bet this fool would be alive if we had any semblance of direction from our godforsaken raid leader! I can count on one hand the number of minions I’ve lost under my command and that is only because I slew them myself for complaining too much. Back when I was in charge our raiders were a much tougher folk. Not like you modern day milksops trouping around in your ‘heroic’ armor and your ridiculous…’ The reaver continues to complain but you stop listening.’

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 1 (First Floor – The Entrance)

You say, ‘Hail, Tserrina Syl`Tor’

Tserrina Syl`Tor stands over the body of a familiar fallen Troll. A small stream of blood trickles from her smiling lips as she looks up and speaks, ‘Ah the wedding party has arrived, how wonderful!’ She pauses, ‘Oh, but you are not yet dressed for our joyous night. This will simply not do. No, I must insist that you don yourselves in more [fitting garb]…’

You say, ‘Fitting garb?’

Tserrina Syl`Tor smiles and says, ‘Bloodstained rags and skinless flesh shall better suit the occasion… Now if you would excuse me, I have a party to prepare.’

Tserrina speaks away from you as she approaches the mirror, ‘My loyal servants, please see to it that this meddling troll is done away with and that our esteemed guests receive the ‘proper’ treatment.’ She cackles gleefully as she vanishes from sight.

Objective: Defend Warlord Ykesha and clear the first floor of Tserrina’s servants!

The walls echo with the sound of Tserrina’s voice, despite your victory she sounds ecstatic, ‘Well then, I suppose the master was right to invite you today.’ Her tone changes to a playful yell, ‘Mayong, my love, let these mortals feel the embrace of your presence!’

Warlord Ykesha thanks you for helping him take revenge on Tserrina’s lesser minions.

The path to the second floor of the tower is now open.

Warlord Ykesha says ‘Dem evil guys tries to kill meez after me helps dems get to tower! Me stay here and you go teach dems a lesson! Bash em gud!’

NOTE: If you let Warlord Ykesha die, you’ll see this emote:

Warlord Ykesha’s body explodes in a burst of ethereal force that empowers Tserrina’s remaining guards!

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 2 (Second Floor – The Library)

The Performer cocks his dusty skull and poses dramatically. Even in undeath, the minstrel before you has retained his poise and charm. His charred bones rattle as he addresses the room, ‘On the eve of this most sacred night we are blessed by your presence. I trust you all [remember your parts] in our great medley?’

You say, ‘I remember my parts’

The Performer says, ‘Has it really been that long since our last performance?’ The Performer cackles gleefully, ‘Take a moment to prepare yourselves, when you are ready to [lend your voices] let me know and we shall begin.’

You say, ‘Ready to lend our voices’

The Performer Says, ‘Wonderful! Pay attention to the cues and sing the next line of the song when called upon. The guards will arrive soon and attempt to break up our entertainment, so fend them off as best you can. Forgive me, but I’m actually giddy. The Master shall regret dragging us here to ‘entertain’ his mistress’s guests!’

As The Performer signals to Aelfric to start the melody a violent shaking overtakes the room! The bodies of the bard troupe are burned and tossed about violently. Severed skulls roll down the aisles landing next to broken hands still clutching ancient instruments. A booming voice cries out in an eerily pleasant tone, ‘Caught by surprise, mortals!?’

Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw says ‘You continue to put up an admirable fight, but your journey ends here!’

Objective: Defeat the Maestro of Rancor and Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw!

The Maestro’s spirit returns to the Plane of Hate. His disembodied voice rings in your ears, ‘You are on your own now Mayong!’

Tserrina’s voice fills the halls. While her tone is still pleasant there are faint bits of frustration in her words, ‘Well… You are all certainly proving to be a… lively… bunch. Perhaps my love disagreed with my choice of entertainment… That is fine… I shall offer you my thanks in removing an annoyance and allow you to meet with the rest of our guests on the next floor.’

The Maestro’s Repository materializes in the south side of the library.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 3 (Third Floor – The Dining Area)

A bell echoes through the hall and the regal voice of a butler addresses the crowd, ‘Honored guests of the Master, dinner will be served in thirty minutes. Please take this time to prepare yourselves for the banquet. Speak to one another and do try to avoid any more violent outbursts. We would not want to damage any of the fine gifts you have brought for our joyous ceremony.’

Objective: Collect the wedding gifts from the 12 honored guests.

You say, ‘Hail, an old froglok’

an old froglok says ‘The sound of silence, the path you walk, the plan you have, do not fail! Take this, it is dangerous out there.’

Captain Pete

You say, ‘Hail, Captain Pete’

Captain Pete seems to be staring at the cover of the overturned book, ‘Yarr! Thar be a good tale of swindling’ and piratin’! Reminds me o’ [me ship], ‘er at least what’s left o’er!’

You say, ‘Me ship?’

Captain Pete shakes his head, ‘Poor memory on yeh ‘eh? Famous as I be, you should know the name of my ship! Ya seem familiar, I’m sure we’ve worked together before!’

You say, ‘Wretched Sands’

Captain Pete says ‘Yarr! Me ship, gallant beauty she was… ‘ere, somethin’ fer yer pockets.’


You say, ‘Hail, Eggsniffer’

Eggsniffer begins singing a song with his now blood-filled lute,
Eggsniffer sniff, Eggsniffer proud,
Eggsniffer always play lute real loud.
Eggsniffer dance, Eggsniffer red,
Eggsniffer has long been […].

(He seems to be at a loss for his next rhyme.)

You say, ‘Dead!’

Eggsniffer howls happily and gives you what you assume to be a gift.

Farwhendle Higglespout

You say, ‘Hail, Farwhendle Higglespout’

Farwhendle Higglespout says ‘A good merchant is never late, even as dubious as I was to come to this strange place… Speaking of dubious, I have something for that miserable [thief] if you see him, compliments of our last dinner together!’

You say, ‘What thief?’

Farwhendle Higglespout says ‘I would expect you to know his name before I have you going off and delivering things to him.’

(What is the name of the “Thief” that Farwhendle speaks of?)

You say, ‘Captain Pete’

Farwhendle Higglespout cackles, ‘Nay, I don’t actually have some sordid prize for the fellow, but that’s a good memory you got there, _____. Go ahead and take this gift though. I will be going home before I can deliver it to the Master and The Lady.’

Fixxin Followig

You say, ‘Hail, Fixxin Followig’

Fixxin Followig says ‘They have me under surveillance until dinner is over! Something about trying to slay the cooks.’ He begins muttering to himself, ‘Into the werewolves’ den, I have no idea what I agreed to come here…”

You say, ‘Hail, Fixxin Followig’

Fixxin Followig grins, ‘Excellent! In fact, so excellent I have a prize for your hard work. They tried to confiscate my weapons when I arrived here but I snuck a this past ’em! Don’t ever let your enemy catch you off guard… Plus, I can’t imagine that vampire would be too pleased with this as a gift anyway.’

Galdorin Visigothe

You say, ‘Hail, Galdorin Visigothe’

Galdorin Visigothe seems to be mid-thought as you interrupt him, ‘Such an interesting collection of stories and tomes stored here…’ You realize he was addressing you as he looks up and says, ‘I’d be willing to share one of these tomes with anyone travelled enough to tell me where they have seen me perform.’

You say, ‘Abysmal Sea?’

Galdorin Visigothe says ‘Close, but that is not the vessel that carried us out on the open sea.’

You say, ‘Queen of Thorns’

Galdorin Visigothe says ‘A sharp memory you have! Very well, here is an…”interesting”… book. Some of the images are rather graphic, so best keep it away from your easily offended friends.’


You say, ‘Hail, Glob’

Glob says ‘Me thank you! Give you dis. It from Glob friend, friend not so lucky as Glob…’

Hasten Bootstrutter

You say, ‘Hail, Hasten Bootstrutter’

Hasten Bootstrutter says ‘You again! I suppose this whole affair is making more sense now. First the invitation and now ‘this’ strange place. Yes indeed, it seems you and I are both [pawns] in some grand game.’

You say, ‘Pawns?’

Hasten Bootstrutter says ‘Seems quite odd that something this elaborate would be masterminded by a simple Halfling doesn’t it?’ The gnome grins, ‘You seem capable of figuring out where this is all going. I will offer you this, as it may come in handy on your adventure.’ The Gnome hands you a small trinket and nods, ‘Go ahead and make your way to the top of the tower and do what must be done.’

Khasva Vei`Ras

You say, ‘Hail, Khasva Vei`Ras’

Khasva Vei`Ras stands admiring the statue of Tserrina, ‘She was quite lovely in her mortal life…’ She pauses before continuing, ‘Such a crumbling beauty… It certainly shows that The Master has interesting [taste] though, wouldn’t you agree?’

You say, ‘Taste?’

Khasva Vei`Ras says ‘He has a notable attraction to the Teir`Dal, but more interestingly the Koada`Dal from which they descend…’ She stops, ‘I can tell that’s not what you’re interested in though, _____. I won’t humor you with misdirection like the others, you are on a dangerous mission. I know you feel the same unease that I do about The Master’s intentions. I believe this is the first time in his life that he himself is not sure of the [outcome] of our lives.”

You say, ‘What outcome?’

Khasva Vei`Ras nods, ‘Surely you must find it odd that he would enlist the help of his mortal enemies to reach the top of this tower? Or have you forgotten who it was that interrupted the reconstruction of Innoruuk’s chosen [weapon], and yet here he is with Lanys T`Vyl in tow!’ She pauses again before continuing, ‘I do not know how nor why, but I can feel his malaise with this whole situation. You and he are not at truly odds, yet you have convinced yourselves that you are.’

You say, ‘What weapon?’

Khasva Vei`Ras balks at your continued questioning, ‘The Governor of the Wicked!’ She roars, ‘May your god help you if my knowledge is being wasted upon the willfully ignorant!’

You say, ‘Malevolence’

Khasva Vei`Ras regains her composure, ‘My apologies, I have been beset on all sides by the faithless and foolish. As I was saying, The Master now stands at the top of the tower in an effort to unlock the mystery behind the strange shard that landed here. Though dormant since his defeat at your hands in Solteris he has not been without knowledge of what is occurring on Norrath. It was only a matter of time after you adventurers cast the Alaran artifact to the sky that it would eventually rain down upon us again… A strange twist of fate that a splintered shard would come crashing down here, but Norrath is full of strange twists of fate…’

Khasva Vei`Ras smiles, ‘But enough of that, dinner is soon and we both have destinies to fulfill.’ She digs through her pack and pulls out a glowing mirror, ‘My destiny was to ensure that you were given this. It is your destiny to determine its use.’ She hands you the artifact and nods, saying nothing more than that.

Pastseeker Rhondarra

You say, ‘Hail, Pastseeker Rhondarra’

Pastseeker Rhondarra seems uninterested in speaking to you in your current form, ‘The guests here are so… boring… If only there were someone here worth looking at.’

You say, ‘Hail, Pastseeker Rhondarra’

Pastseeker Rhondarra says ‘Oh what a lovely specimen you are!’, She digs through her pockets and hands you a small trinket, ‘Please, take this, as a personal gift from me to you. I’m sure Mayong has enough treasures that he won’t miss this one.”


You say, ‘Hail, Romella’

Romella stares longingly at the statue of Mayong before speaking, ‘It makes sense now, the dinner, the superstition… You must put a stop to the [Master].’

You say, ‘The Master?’

Romella says ‘Yes, Mayong Mistmoore The Master of the Demi-Plane of Blood, not all of us are ignorant to what is going on here. Slowly but surely his influence over this tower is becoming stronger. I fear for our lives should his mistress learn of his true [motives].”

You say, ‘His motives?’

Romella says ‘It is obvious Tserrina has deluded herself into believing that Mayong has returned to fulfill his broken vows.’ The Gypsy sighs, ‘She is suffering the same fate as [our Princess who shan’t be named].”

You say, ‘Mynthi Davissi’

Romella scowls, ‘Speak not her name! Take this trinket and hurry along, it is up to you to put a stop to this ghastly affair before we all end up as lycanthropic servants!’

Tired Farmer Jestle

You say, ‘Hail, Tired Farmer Jestle’

Tired Farmer Jestle smiles, ‘Thanks be unto the great Rainkeeper for sending you to save me from my plight of sleep deprivation… Please, take this as a small token of my gratitude. That rude old vampire won’t miss it!’

The din of hushed conversation suddenly disperses with the echoing of a bell.

Tserrina speaks, ‘As wonderfully thoughtful as I find the gesture, attending this dinner is a privilege I had hoped to save for a more honored guest. As such, I must now offer all of you to her as a small token of reconciliation.’

Lanys T’Vyl coughs in disgust, her voice echoing from Tserrina’s bedroom, ‘Ugh, the stench of that loathsome harlot still soils these halls. What’s worse yet is that the small bit of solace I could take in being the guest of honor at this dinner has been taken from me! The pain you will all suffer here tonight shall be the thing of legends!’

Objective: Defeat Lanys T’Vyl.

Lanys T`Vyl spawns in the northeastern room of this floor. She is not auto-aggro and can be engaged when you’re prepared:

Lanys T`Vyl points her blade toward _____ and smiles.

Lanys T`Vyl shifts her attention to someone else that has been irritating her and forgets the transgressions of everyone else!

_____ dons their Visage of the Banshee and yells at Lanys T`Vyl which makes her super angry and causes her to fight less effectively.

Lanys T’Vyl roars, ‘I yield to the hatred in your hearts!’ She shakes her head and draws her blade back before disappearing from sight.

Tserrina’s voice breaks the silence of the wedding hall, her tone is excited but she does not seem to be speaking to you, ‘My love, our guests have nearly arrived… Are you yet ready to greet them?’

A few seconds pass and no reply is heard. She now addresses your party, ‘Very well mortals, I know my beloved too well to think he had not planned all of this. Just like every time before, you are all simply playing into his plan. Now please, enjoy the party!’

Objective: Defeat all of Tserrina’s wedding party.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 4 (Fifth Floor – The Wedding)

_____ slashes Damab across the face with a Broken Bottle causing them to fight much less effectively.

_____ hands a slice of Jumjum Pie to Damab who then eats it and becomes slower, fatter and less able to fight effectively.

A loud sigh emanates from the ceiling, ‘I suppose you mortals think you’ve earned the right to progress to the next floor now?’ The disembodied voice laughs, ‘While I thank you for clearing that miserable lot from these halls, I must now put an end to your little charade of progress…’

The impressive body of Valdoon Kel’Novar materializes in the center of the room.

Objective: Defeat Valdoon Kel`Novar.

_____ slaps Valdoon Kel`Novar in the face with their Bloodstained Grey Gloves of the Murderer which confuses him greatly and causes him to fight less effectively.

Upon Valdoon’s death:

Valdoon Kel`Novar vanishes in a flash! His disembodied voice speaks, ‘Very well mortals, you have proven your point…’ He lets out a final bit of laughter, ‘Enjoy what lies ahead for you.’

Tserrina’s keepsake of small trinkets materializes in the wedding hall.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 5 (Sixth Floor – Venril & The Dracoliche)

_____ swings their Cracked Troll Spine into a brittle skeleton really hard causing its own spine to break, weakening it significantly.

Step into Venril Sathir’s room:

Tserrina’s words are strained, her previous exuberance sounds as if it has waned, ‘…D…Deal with these mortals!’ She turns from addressing Venril to retreat up the tower.

The low hiss of Sathir’s voice invades your mind, ‘Do you not sssee the reality of the ssssituation? You have already lossst this fight! As we ssspeak you are already too late to sssstop uss!’ The ancient Iksar emperor laughs, ‘Fight me if you musssst. You ssssimply delay the inevitable!’

Objective: Defeat Venril Sathir.

A faint whisper follows Tserrina’s departure, ‘…Mayong my love?’

Venril Sathir shouts, ‘Let us put that ssssilly woman’s gift to use… Arise my pet! Arise from the depthsss of fear and fell these would-be heroes!’

Venril Sathir hisses coldly and begins a dark conjuration.

Tserrina`s Dracoliche roars furiously and begins beating its skeletal wings!

Venril Sathir hits for a max ~20,000; as does the Dracoliche (single-target rampages). Venril Sathir casts “Deadlier Lifetap”:

Deadlier Lifetap: Targeted AE 200′, Magic (-850)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 30770

Rear Emote: The Dracoliche swings its tail, preparing a fear inspiring strike!

The Dracoliche violently whips its tail, inspiring fear in all those that stand behind it!

The Dracoliche roars, causing all of those that stand in front of it to run away in fear!

Venril Sathir shouts, ‘Misssstmoore, you are on your own now! The dark one will not be far behind these mortalsss…’

Tserrina`s Dracoliche has been slain by _____!
The lifeless bones of the dracoliche fall to the ground as the dark forces animating it are dispelled.

With the ancient lich and dracoliche defeated the path to the final floor is now open to you.

Objective: Find what lies at the top of the tower.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Stage 6 (Top Floor – Mayong & Tserrina)

You say, ‘Hail, Tserrina Syl`Tor’

Tserrina speaks with an obvious air of concern in her voice, ‘My love, our guests have arrived. Shall I make any more preparations for our ceremony?’

The ancient vampire stands with his gaze transfixed upon the eerie shard. His attention to the artifact is unwavering as he addresses his mistress for what seems like the first time, ‘There is yet much to do my love. Entertain our guests for a few more minutes.’

Tserrina nods, ‘Very well.’ She turns and addresses your party, ‘Mortals, I applaud your efforts and your willingness to ascend my home just to bear witness to the most wondrous day of my life. I shall reward you all with the suffering you so actively desire!’

Tserrina Syl`Tor vanishes before quickly reappearing.

Tserrina cries out, ‘My beloved, these pests are becoming more than I can handle. Please… Help me!’

Mayong violently strikes the crystalline formation causing a number of shards to break off and fall to the ground. He draws his blade and turns, his demeanor is uncharacteristically hostile, ‘You fools have no idea the danger we are in!’

Mayong Mistmoore mutters under his breath, ‘Tserrina…’

The Master slashes in a circle around himself!

The crystal shard begins buzzing.

Several constructs of crystal break free from the giant shard!

You hear the faint screeching of bats.

The room echoes with the screeching of a dozen bats!

a voracious bat squeaks in horror as it is rooted helplessly to the ground.

_____ reads a passage from Tisnya’s Diary to Tserrina Syl`Tor which makes her jealous and causes her to fight less effectively.

_____ points their Reflective Mirror toward Tserrina Syl`Tor which causes her to recoil in horror and dampens her ability to call forth the shards of fear.

_____ plays a dissonant love song on their Flute of the Unrequited to Tserrina Syl`Tor which makes her uneasy and causes her to fight less effectively.

_____ rings their Small Feline Bell in front of Mayong Mistmoore causing him to look slightly melancholy and makes him slower to call forth his army of bats.
_____ shows Mayong Mistmoore a Lock of Drachnid Hair causing him to remember simpler times and causes him to fight less effectively.

_____ dons their Midnight Veil and looks at Mayong Mistmoore causing him to be less likely to use his sword slash attack.

_____ swings their Bloodstained Mining Pick into a shard of fear, shattering it instantly.

Tserrina stumbles, losing her composure, ‘I do not think I can continue much longer my love! I fear our guests may get the best of us soon.’

Mayong continues fighting as he addresses Tserrina, ‘Us? Us!? Does your incessant chattering know no end? Has your mind deteriorated to the same horrific state as your tired husk!?’

Tserrina recoils in horror, tears welling in her scarred eyes, ‘Mm…my love… We are to be wed today. Why would you act this way?’

Mayong laughs, ‘Because you are unnecessary. It was simple misfortune that this shard landed in your icy prison!’

Tserrina cries, ‘We were destined to be together! This form, my body, this was your doing! I gave my life to be yours!’

Mayong laughs, brandishing his blade, ‘In my hand I hold Erilynne, a beauty that would stun even the most stoic man… In my court I keep Althea, Brenda and Christine, a trio of temptresses who rivaled the loveliness of Erollisi in their prime… My home is host to more unspoiled flesh than you could ever hope to compare to!’

Tserrina lets forth a blood-curdling shriek, ‘KILL HIM!’

Tserrina disappears and Mayong turns into “Mayong Mistmoore the Empowered”. It’s not known if he actually increases in strength here or if he starts casting any additional AEs. He does keep up with his death touch trigger, and adds continue spawning like normal.

Mayong Mistmoore raises his hand and casts _____’s corpse into the pit at the bottom of the tower!

The room flashes and the top of the tower reverts to an earlier time… except for your party.

For a moment following the vampire god’s death the room is silent. The strange fear shard continues to radiate but all seems right with the world once again…

The familiar voice of Sam Napth echoes through the room from the doorway, ‘Splendid work, all of you. Once again you’ve proven yourselves capable of any task set before you, and this one not a moment too soon!’

The halfling peers down into the glazed eyes of Mayong and grins, his tone unusually arrogant as he speaks, ‘You’re a fool for trying to take this from me Mayong. There is no excuse for not realizing that they would come to put a stop to you.’

The sinister voice of Mayong replies, his previous tone of hostility has been replaced with one of veiled pleasure, ‘Do not think for a moment that I was unaware of your plot, dark one. What’s more is that you know for a fact that I shall return. Just as Drinal reclaims the sky from Ro I shall reinstate myself when the time is right. You know as well as I that these adventurers will have no more trouble stopping you than they did me… Yet my plans came to fruition this eve. You have failed, ‘Sam Napth’.

Sam Napth looks up at the crystal and shouts in an increasingly hostile tone, ‘And how is it you think you have won this, Mayong? You are dead and the power of the shard is mine for the taking!’

Mayong’s sinister laugh precedes his final retort, ‘I did not aim to take the power for myself, Dark one…’ With those words the tower begins to shake! You can see sharp lines forming in the crystal and it starts to crack.

Sam Napth shouts in an otherworldly voice, ‘NO!’

Sam Napth roars, ‘This is not the end of me Mayong, for as long as there are other shards I will be waiting!’ With these mysterious words the radically hostile halfing vanishes from sight.

The room returns to its previous silence. The strange fear shard no longer radiates with any power. Mayong has successfully thwarted the strange halfling from obtaining the power of the ancient artifact and you have successfully thwarted Mayong from existing on Norrath for any reasonable duration of time… Still… It seems rather odd that Sam was so interested in the power of fear.


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