EQ2 23rd August 2012 Developer Questions Answered

Source: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?start=0&topic_id=521654&#5788275

Heya, I’ll take a minute to answer some of these.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be at the chat – I’ve had a ton to do, and time is something I’m in super short supply of.  SMILEY  Anyway, the majority of these are going to be a bit vague, which is on purpose – I prefer to show don’t tell when possible, where “show” = “in the game”.  SMILEY

Is the Forsaken City the fabled city of Zebuxor?

  • No, it isn’t.  It DOES have a name, however.  SMILEY

Is Nizara something to do with the Plane of Knowledge?

  • Mmm… sort of, but not directly.

Is Dozekar Kerafyrm’s father or was he cursed for some other reason?

  • That would be telling.  Kerafyrm’s history is something we’re hoping to go into a bit deeper here soon, as he come more to the center stage.  How Dozekar and Kerafyrm are related would likely be one of those story points we would explore.

Why did Xul’Varien stop being the god of disease?

  • That is actually deeply tied to some of Anashti’s history.  I want to dive deeper one day into more of her story, but right now the gods have their hands full (you know, with a universe-smashing dragon with god-slaying powers flying all willy-nilly around the world).

Are the shadowed men descended from the Jal’Raeth?

  • So actually, I gave Lyndro the wrong information here.  Truth be told, I was half-listening, and I completely misunderstood what he was asking me (like, COMPLETELY).  So, the Jal’Raeth are a clan of shadowed men, but there are others as well.  (And again, totally my fault, I’m sorry – I need a vacation I think.  Heh.)

Who was Kerafyrms mother?

  • As before, that would be telling.  Hopefully it’s something you’ll find out soon.  SMILEY

With the shissar’s prophecy, did they know Luclin was to explode and did they prepare for it?

  • Ha!  I WANT TO TELL YOU THIS, because there is an answer to give.  BUT, this is the exact storyline we’re going through right now, so all I can say is – You’ll find out.  SMILEY

Will we ever see Aataltaal from the Tarton’s Wheel quest?

  • Perhaps, but I couldn’t say for sure right now.

Who was Tarton and why did he hate the gods?

  • If we do explore more of the Tarton’s Wheel lore, then that would be a question we could answer then.

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