Encyclopedia — Shissar — Vol. III

The Collegium Contract

Emperor Zhisza of the Shissar in Empotith wrote a seemingly sincere letter that was copied and delivered by messengers to anyone who might be close to the Combine. In it, Zhisza offered the promise of a cure for Tsaph Katta who was bound in an eternal curse. Better yet, Zhisza would share the knowledge and means for endangered Combine Loyalists to learn Shissar teleportation that would send them to Luclin.

A Combine emissary received word of a letter from Zhisza of the Shissar. Sceptic of  Zhisza’s offer to assist the Combine, he agreed to meet with him in secret. Not only were all Shissar supposedly dead, but the reputation of the Shissar was grim indeed.  However, the first meeting between human and Shissar was  remarkably civilized.

Soon, after all assurances of peace and mutual benefit were made, an alliance was forged and the Collegium Contract was signed. Under the protection of the Combine in the agreement, the Shissar could finally exist safely in a new home and continue to practice their arts and share knowledge with their hosts.

However, the agreement has not been as fruitful as the Combine expected. While the knowledge to send Loyalists to the moon was delivered and put to good use, the Shissar have no cure for what ails Tsaph Katta.


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