Encyclopedia — Shissar — Vol. II

Hope for the Shissar Empire

Centuries passed after Zhisza took his followers deep into Empotith to rebuild the Shissar Empire, but his efforts were not successful. Zhisza’s hopes of overcoming the Iksar and reclaiming the Shissars’ former glory waned greatly. He recognized his Shissar were becoming vulnerable over the passage of time, not stronger. A new tactic was in order. He would use what resources he had to change the tides.

Over the centuries, Zhisza employed goblins to bring him word on the happenings of the world. Eventually — almost
two thousand years since his choice to remain on Norrath — Zhisza learned of the crumbling of the Combine Empire. Through this knowledge, he also came upon a rumor that Tsaph Katta still lived but was locked into an eternal curse.

It cost Zhisza nearly all of his valuables to pay for sensitive information regarding the Combine. The rumor he clung to most tightly was that of the Combine Loyalists erecting an invisible city because within that rumor it was also said
that they sought intelligent creatures as allies to save Tsaph from his curse and protect them from General Seru. Their offer promised a home to any allies and that they would be unseen by the world and protected.


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