Encyclopedia — Shissar — Vol. I

Escaping the Green Mist

Nearly two thousand years before the appearance of the Combine Empire, the Green Mist swept over Kunark and decimated the Shissar. Over a period of a year, tens of thousands of Shissar succumbed to the green death. However, during that time, the coddled emperor, nobles and their slaves isolated themselves from the lower castes in an attempt to prevent their own demise.

Emperor Ssraeshza, the military and spiritual leader for the Shissar Empire, spoke of a vision that promised to deliver the noble Shissar to Luclin, the moon. He assured all that he could release them from the clutches of the Green Mist. Emperor Ssraeshza and his supporters firmly believed they could start their empire anew on the moon and be free of the Green Death forever. Alas, there were some nobles who were in disgust of Ssraeshza’s plan, chiefly Zhisza, who quietly set to work to find a way to remain alive on Norrath. It was their dream to retreat, rebuild and return to reclaim their empire.

On the day that Ssraeshza and the remaining Shissar cast their great spells to teleport to Luclin, Zhisza and his
followers executed their own plan. As Ssraeshza moved through time and space to the moon, Zhisza and his nobles teleported deep within Empotith, an underfoot school of Dark Arts that had been under construction. When Ssraeshza and his followers arrived on Luclin, they presumed Zhisza and the others dead.


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