Druushk’s Dilemma

You say, ‘Hail, Druushk’

Druushk says ‘Who steps in my lair?! Ah, ’tis but a soft-flesh nuisance. I must say I am amazed at the idiocy you adventurers must boast to explore these areas, especially when we’re trying to keep you out. Since you are here, I will tell you of a story and a [dilemma] I am having if you wish. You might become more enlightened.’

You say, ‘What dilemma?’

Druushk says ‘In previous years, we, the Ring of Scale, have had one of our own sitting on the Overking Bathezid Di’Zok’s council, well disguised. Our friend has also been spying on the council itself. He was our voice when we needed the Sarnaks to listen to reason. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with him. I had a personal affinity to our friend, because he was one of my personal assistants. I could sense his presence elsewhere on this continent and now it has dissipated. I fear he may have been killed, though I am not sure by whom. I would like you to investigate this further and bring back the remains of my assistant to me, so I can learn of his fate.’

Druushk says ‘My worst fears are true. My assistant has been slain. I will have my servants investigate this heinous crime. Here is your reward for this deed mortal. If you do not like it, I can provide you with a different reward.’


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