Preservation of Tsaph Katta

For over half a century the
Combine Loyalists of Katta
Castrum have spent their lives
protecting and preserving
Imperator Tsaph Katta
searching for ways to cure him
of his illness. He has been
held in secret from General
Seru’s prying and vengeful
eyes since that day.

In his heart, Seru knew his
plan to kill Tsaph had failed
and so he wove a wicked tale
that was spread quickly
throughout the lands of
Norrath suggesting Tsaph faked
his own death in order to
betray the empire. Seru swore
to all he would not give up
his chase of the traitorous
Katta until his holy blade was

wet with his blood.

The very day of Tsaph’s
poisoning during the
first-ever Combine Summit held
in Felwithe, the High Elves
were able to put the dying
leader of the empire into
stasis and transport him to
safety within a hidden
chamber. Few noticed as there
was panic among all the

attendees as most of them had
been poisoned too. Many died,
but many were cured.

It was not long before Lcea
Katta, Tsaph’s closest
advisor, who first urged the
elves to save Tsaph, learned
that the dire alchemical
mixture given Tsaph was
different than that given in
the wine of the others.

Clearly someone intended to
cause panic and distrust among
the Combine and Tsaph knew it
to be Seru. A bard close to
Lcea who served the goblets to
all the guests noted that Seru
refused his drink and was seen
to smile oddly as Tsaph lifted
his goblet during his toast of
all toasts.

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