Shade of Vhalen



My greatest adventures on Norrath are often marked by a spirit type known as a shade. These shades are special, not like most encountered. There is a powerful spell that I carry in my arsenal that will eradicate most opposing armies. However, this mighty composition is not played without a price. With every use, a facet of my being is bound to the stage from which it is played. There are only so many portions of my life to give up until I am forever bound to a place far beyond Ethernere. It is best if the bells chime only in extreme cases and seemingly hopeless situations.

Of course, that is a bit in character. Vhalen Nostrolo, the bard, has been involved in numerous odysseys that have not been told. The Broken Bell of Ethernere, the Song of Ro, the Riddle of Kelkarn, the Pied Piper of Torsis and many more. A few of the shades you encounter during the troubadour epic are directly related to some of those tales. The vision that you speak to is another thing altogether.

Visions are projections of an entity. In the case of Vhalen, he projects an image of himself on Norrath to speak with adventurers. All the while, his true self is far beyond this world, in the midst of a grand final odyssey. The visions are best projected towards locations that hold importance in his life. These places may also hold shades of his life force.


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