Located on the eastern end of Antonica, Stormhold is the ruins of the once-great underground fortress of the Knights of Thunder. It’s a complex maze of hallways where dangerous undead Knights roam freely.

To locate Stormhold, ride a Griffin to the Thundering Steppes Tower, head on a north road, then turn into the hills toward Gnollsayer’s Keep.


Lord Chesgard was a legendary member of a long-dead knightly order known as the Knights of Thunder. It was during one of his many adventures, a crusade into a cursed bunker of the hills in the Commonlands, that Lord Chesgard would claim his greatest prize, the Bone Bladed Claymore. Unfortunately for all of his order, the sword would not be the only arcane force to return with Chesgard. Something dark and evil was beginning to take hold of him.

When Lord Chesgard returned to Qeynos, he oversaw the construction of a mighty keep called Stormhold, but evil began to slowly seep into his mind and the design of the citadel itself became twisted and corrupted. Eventually this evil rose to the surface, and all within Stormhold were lost.

Stormhold Levels
The underground fortress consists of three levels.

Level One

The Main Hall of Stormhold is located on Level One. Two difficult quests reside beyond the Main Hall’s double doors: an Obelisk releases a crowd of tainted souls and a Brazier releases an army of Scions, the toughest enemies in Stormhold. There is a door in the Main Hall that has been locked for many years. One can only imagine what lies behind it. The bell ringers at the entrance have rusted and rotted some, but are still working… maybe they will awaken some greater being inside the darkened halls of Stormhold.

Level Two

The Atrium is a central and safe gathering place for groups, but still be on the lookout for dangerous enemies like Battlepriests.

Level Three

Located on Stormhold’s third level, the Tomb of Valor is a locked chamber isolated from the fortress’s other rooms by a collapsed tunnel. The great treasures of the entombed Storm Lords, long dead heroes of the Knights of Thunder, can be found within the tomb.

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