Niclaus Ressinn

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘Hail, Mixxit. I am Niclaus Ressinn, loyal Paladin of Life. I am scouting the Qeynos Hills on orders from High Priestess Jahnda. We have received reports of undead prowling these hills of late.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘Oh, things are becoming dire here in Norrath. May Rodcet protect us! I have gathered most of the evidence I will need to present to Jahnda, but I could still use your assistance with one final piece. I need to recover a rib bone from one of the undead beasts that wander these hills. Be sure the rib bone comes from one of the putrid skeletons. They are the spawn of Bertoxxulous.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘I believe the undead prowl these hills at night. I have found the remains of several adventurers who obviously had the misfortune of running into some of Bertoxxulous’ dark minions. One young human was still cluching this parchment in his cold, dead fist.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘I believe it is from a spell book of some kind and I do not have a working knowledge of things arcane. Perhaps you could help? Take it. I am sure someone in Qeynos could decipher it. I must remain here to gather more evidence but please return to me with anything you discover.’

Niclaus Ressinn says ‘Guard, Come quick! The undead gather near the ruins of Geupal!’

(NPC from Qeynos Hills)


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