Khati Sha the Twisted

Long ago, Khati Sha was a famed Vah Shir who enjoyed exploring. This love of exploration, however, was his downfall, as he was captured by the Shissar on one of his trips. Under the orders of Emperor Ssraeshza, he was brought in to the Shissar’s temple to be interrogated, tortured, and experimented upon. One of these experiments went very wrong, and in the accident both Khati Sha and his tormentors perished.

All surviving records of the incident were sealed by Imperial order, and it is written that any further investigation into the incident would be considered treasonous.

The spirit of Khati Sha now resides in the Acrylia Caverns, located on the edge of the Grimling Forest just south of the Tenebrous Mountains. The Grimlings which control the area fear the retribution that would be unleashed if Khati Sha were to be made aware of the horrors committed upon him in the Shissars’ temple. Therefore, much of Grimling legend consists of untruths — lies to cover up a treacherous history of a once-great, famed Vah Shir.

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