EverQuest Atlas: Maps of Myrist (Castle Mistmoore)

Eternally blanketed in enchanted darkness, the foreboding towers of Castle Mistmoore rise from a thick haze of mist enshrouding the whole of the Lesser Faydark. This castle has stood since before the elves fled Tunaria, now named Antonica, before the dwarves had seen the light of the Norrathian sun. It is rumored that the builder and inhabitant of the castle is an ancient vampire named Mayong, Lord of Mistmoore, who has lived well over ten thousand years. The elves of the Faydark know to stay clear of the castle and its surrounding lands out of a well-justified fear of the castle and its monstrous, bloodthirsty inhabitant. Few that have ventured to the castle have lived to tell the gruesome tale of the undead abominations that lurk within.

Like its master, the castle and its origins remain shrouded in an impenetrable mystery and likely shall until the vampire lord deems it necessary to reveal such secrets, which in all likelihood will never come to pass. The castle itself is a structure of breathtaking, cathedral-like architecture, greater than any noble’s palace and able to grip the heart of even the bravest of knights in a vice of unfathomable terror.

All recognizable inhabitants of the area are of Teir’Dal descent, although why the lord holds a preference for this racial monogamy among his servants remains unknown. Many have concluded that the vampire lord was once a Teir’Dal himself, as grand portraits of a Teir’Dal nobleman adorn the castle’s interior walls. None have been able to ultimately confirm this suspicion.


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