The Ydal

In an age long ago, the Ydal first awoke, finding themselves in Mistmyr, a realm created within the Plane of Hate by their creator, Innoruuk. After a time leaders emerged and began organizing their kind into settlements. Villages began to flourish and eventually a capital city known as Vorguul was established. There, a council of five of the most prominent (and unscrupulous) members of Ydallian society ruled the region. Utilizing a brutal form of governance, they valued political expediency above morality. Furthermore, the council demanded that the worship of their creator, Innoruuk, be placed above all else, while the accomplishments of the individual and their own well being, were of much less concern. To accomplish their goals the council divided their followers into five clans, each being led by a single council member who tasked them with their own responsibilities to help aid in the betterment of Ydallian society as a whole. These clans were known as the Lubesh, Vashota, Bechoi, Rajadevi and Yciid.

Later, as the race of the Ydal matured, a tragic flaw in their creation would eventually be discovered. Falsely believing this to be an extraordinary blessing from Innoruuk, the first dark elves instead became consumed by a curse which ultimately lead to their extinction.



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