Eternal Bloom

Long, long ago, in realms of rage and fury.
Long ago a forbidden seed did grow.

Forbidden was the seed, its bloom was too bright.
Gloom was the rule and never the light.

Forced from embrace the one became two,
but the flower remained and the light still grew.

Time marched on and the two grew apart,
divided by a plague that consumed their heart.

What was gloom became doom and the end drew near.
Two who were apart came to odds in great fear.

The bloom was bright even in lands turned to death.
The bloom turned upon itself when the forbidden met.

One last time in ashes of the first.
One last embrace, a kiss, before the blades quench their first.

Death upon death, the bloom met the one fate.
The first and the two consumed by tragedy great.

By power of song and might of ink, the tale can be revealed to make us think.
Think of the time of bloom everlasting.

With words over the beloved head, wonders are surely fed.
My beloved, my Zanne, Love… I still can. – Fin


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