Dreadspire Keep: Demi-Plane of Blood

An ominous voice booms, ‘Impressive! You have overcome every obstacle placed in your way and continue to demonstrate an ability which transcends mere brute force. Your coordination, tenacity, and resourcefulness are unlike anything I have seen in millennia. But enough of these cat and mouse games. Though I have an eternity to wait, mortals are not so blessed. It is time we meet, face to face. Please do me the honor of visiting the Dreadspire vault.’

The “vault” can be accessed through the hidden area in the library.

An ominous voice booms, ‘You’ve done well. You have done exceedingly well. It’s been some time since company presented this much amusement. I am honored to be showered with this attention. You are most welcome, as a guest and servant in my house.’

An ominous voice booms, ‘Do not fret over the servants you have slain, the artifacts you have stolen, the damage you have inflicted upon my followers. They are easily replaced, and a small price to pay in order to test your abilities. I have many promising residents to replace the ranks of the fallen, and you will meet them shortly.’

An ominous voice booms, ‘Do you understand why you are here? Do you think to defy me? Or mayhap you have simply been playing into my plans all along . . . would you even know the difference?’

An ominous voice booms, ‘Regardless of the outcome of our interaction, I will be the victor.’

Hah! Have at me, mortals. Prove your power over my divinity! ‘

The Demi-Plane of Blood is strangely silent. Though Mayong’s body is unmoving, his presence can still be felt. His booming voice suddenly fills the halls of the Keep, coming from all directions.

Mayong shouts, ‘I told you that I would be the victor of this encounter, regardless of the outcome.’

Mayong shouts, ‘This is the sweetest victory I could have ever hoped for.’

Mayong shouts, ‘The focused devotion and attention you demonstrated here have lent strength and credibility to my divinity.’

Mayong shouts, ‘You have unwittingly worshipped me, and you have martyred me.’

Another shimmering figure fades into view, floating near the first. As she materializes, her body shifts into focus, revealing the form of a young female.

The spirit of Tserrina howls, ‘You are all that remains of the mortality of Mayong, shed off and discarded when he became a deity.’

A hollow voice laments, ‘Then, I am not long for this world. Perhaps you and I will meet again on the other side?’

The two figures embrace. Tserrina’s face comes into sharp focus and she is strikingly beautiful, the features of her mortal spirit not twisted by malice. Insubstantial tears roll down her cheeks.

The spirit of Tserrina howls, ‘That is unlikely, my love.’

The figures fade away quietly, clinging desperately to one another.

Mayong shouts, ‘And thus was born a new era upon the world of Norrath. My era.’

Mayong shouts, ‘Let the world know that a new deity has joined the pantheon . . . and his name is Mayong Mistmoore!’

(The Savior)

Mayong shouts, ‘My drachnid armies and legions of the living dead are poised to attack!’

Mayong shouts, ‘At a moment’s notice, they will spread across Antonica and Faydwer like a plague, annihilating mankind and laying waste to everyone and everything not pledging allegiance to me.’

Mayong shouts, ‘However, with my ascension, I have much more important matters to attend to.’

Mayong shouts, ‘Consider your lands safe . . . for now.’

or (Dark Savant)

Mayong shouts ‘True immortality comes with a price..’.

Mayong shouts ‘You cannot possibly comprehend the burdens that I bear’.

Mayong shouts ‘There is an implied responsibility to watch over mankind’.

Mayong shouts ‘To mold it and push it into the right direction.’

Mayong shouts ‘In addition to monitoring the progress of my minions across several continents.’

Mayong shouts ‘In a way i am envious of your simple lives.’


Mayong shouts, ‘One of your lifetimes is but a fleeting moment compared to my endless existence.’

Mayong shouts, ‘I have watched civilizations rise and fall, seen races born or destroyed, witnessed the gods meddling pointlessly with mankind.’

Mayong shouts, ‘I was there when Rallos led his army into the Plane of Earth.’

Mayong shouts, ‘I saw Takish`Hiz buried under a sea of burning sand.’

Mayong shouts, ‘The trivial endeavors of the pantheon bored me, long before you ever existed.’

Mayong shouts, ‘I grew jaded and tired of this world eons ago.’


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