EQAtlas – Kaesora

Source: EQ Atlas

The old city of Kaesora rests at the center of the wasteland known as the Field of Bone, and is now ruled by a powerful Sarnak vampire lord named Xalgoz. Kaesora appears to be just a few ancient, ruined towers sinking into the hills of bones. In these towers and crevasses are passages, some well hidden, which lead into the buried city.

The main inhabitants are Xalgoz’s undead minions, but some snakes, spiders and other vermin have made quiet burrows here too. The city is of ancient Iksarian architecture, and much of its original riches lie buried and unspoiled.

The tops of four ancient towers are the only signs of Kaesora seen above ground in the Field of Bone. Originally the Five Towers of Teraaz, they were part of an ancient Iksarian temple, and were the five tallest structures of old Kaesora. The five towers were of equal height, and formed a giant circle around the base of the temple. Now only the very tops of four towers can be seen above ground, standing in a crescent. Two of these towers have passages to the city below. Other entrances exist where some cave-ins have occurred. Most of Kaesora is completely dark.

Near the Five Towers of Teraaz sits a ruined arena. Among the rubble lie fallen statues of Iksarian heroes and crumbling marble pillars. A small network of cells and corridors lay intact under the floor of the arena, housing a small colony of giant spiders.

Some of the buildings here still display the beautiful craftsmanship of their original inhabitants: giant Iksar statues, marble pillars and floors. Most of the city generally looks desolate – except for Xalgoz’s Stronghold, formerly the royal palace, now headquarters for his undead army. Troops patrol the stronghold and the surrounding area. Xalgoz has converted the dungeon of the old palace into a laboratory, where he is usually found researching the dead to do his bidding.


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