The Tragedy of Khati Sha

The Tragedy of Khati Sha

The beastlord Khati Sha was the most accomplished of his kind. He traveled the world of Norrath, seeking out mysteries and investigating threats to his kingdom. The animals of Norrath were his friends and allies; he spoke to the birds and sang with the wolves. He knew the secret language of the forest and the ways of the plains. He climbed the mountains beside the great goats and sheep that dwell there, and he fought alongside the mighty cave bears. He learned the wisdom of dragons and the hidden knowledge of the fey. In all these things, Khati Sha was the wisest of his kind. Many were the times that his devotion and learning saved our people from disaster.

When the Shifting brought us to this realm, Khati Sha was among the first to venture into the darkness beyond the city, to find safe routes across the Moon of Luclin. He first mapped Hollowshade Moor and learned the languages of the owlbears and the sonic wolves. He sought the great cats of Shadeweaver’s Thicket and even ventured to the gates of dread Vex Thal.

Khati Sha returned to tell King Vah Kerrath of his discoveries, and the knowledge of our people grew. But the beastlord also learned of the mysterious races of the light side of Luclin, and ventured there seeking to expand the wisdom of his people further. To the shores of the Twilight Sea and beyond he ventured, into the sun-baked wilderness of the Scarlet Desert, the crags of Mons Letalis, and beyond, to the airless waste that is called the Grey.

And that was the last that was ever heard of the great Khati Sha. He lives on only in legend now, and many tales of his fate have been told, yet no one is certain what truly happened to him. Perhaps he was caught and slain by the evil snake-folk of the Grey. Perhaps he was killed by a fierce unknown beast or a natural disaster. Or perhaps he was not slain at all, but lives on, impossibly old, exploring the Moon of Luclin in the name of his people, and granting us his protection. Whatever his fate, we may be sure that the this lost hero still watches over the Vah Shir — whether a mighty hunter or a mighty spirit — and his memory lives on in the hearts of those belonging to the guild that bears his name.

The great beast-friend who feared no horizon. It was an honor to recite this story for you.

Source: EQRPG – Luclin – Page 77


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