Master Tashakhi

Source: EQPRG – Luclin – Page 153

Master Tashakhi

Once, ages ago, a mighty kerran beastlord named Khati Sha served his King Vah Kerrath faithfully. When the city of Shar Vahl was transported to the Moon of Luclin, Khati Sha immediately set out to explore this new world. As always, he served with honor and distinction, expanding his people’s knowledge of the moon and its strange inhabitants. After a time, Khati Sha heard tales of a strange place on the light side of Luclin where the evil shissar snake-folk purportedly held sway.

Fearful of the threat that the shissar represented, and perhaps just slightly too curious for his own good, Khati Sha ventured into the blazing eternal day of the light side and sought out the region known as the Grey. He never returned, and soon the Vah Shir mourned the loss of their greatest beastlord. Today, the Shar Vahl guild of beastlords bears the name of their greatest hero. Most believe that the legendary Khati Sha perished, while others believe that he lives on still, watching over his people from the wilds of Luclin.

The Shar Vahl and their king would be horrified if they knew the truth. In the Grey, Khati Sha was captured by the shissar and taken to their temple, where he was subjected to unbelievable torments. Curious about the world’s newest inhabitants, the snake-folk twisted Khati Sha’s body and mind, transforming him into a cruel and terribly powerful creature of evil. Infected by the shissars’ xenophobia and lust for further power, Khati Sha escaped from the Grey and wandered Luclin’s moon for a time, a twisted parody of the noble creature he had once been.

At length, he found his way back to the Mushroom Forest, where his people managed the thriving Acrylia Mines. In the depths of the mines, Khati Sha encountered a primitive race of bestial humanoids, which he dubbed grimlings. Handling the grimlings as cruelly as he himself had been manipulated by the shissar, Khati Sha transformed them into a cruel, sadistic race bent on spreading death and suffering. By the thousands, the grimlings burst from the Acrylia Mines, slaying countless Vah Shir and driving the kerrans from the forest. Renamed the Grimling
Forest, this realm is today a bloody battleground.

For their part, the grimlings worshipped their new leader as a god, who now called himself “Tashakhi,” a twisted version of his old name. Few if any have realized the similarities, though some newer grimling architecture is said to mirror the Vah Shir style of design — a fading remnant of Khati Sha’s old existence.

Today, Tashakhi is a brooding, skeletal being who dwells in the depths of the Acrylia Caverns, with the terrible powers of a malevolent godling, plotting with his grimling followers the ultimate conquest and destruction of his own people. Once the Vah Shir are utterly destroyed, Tashakhi
intends to turn his insane wrath against the tegi and then the Combine refugees (in Katta Castellum, Sanctus Seru, and Shadow Haven alike). Only then will he crush the shissar, in a final and self-destructive act of vengeance against the race that turned him from hero into monster.

Tashakhi normally fights with his two great, curved blades. Once he himself decides to attack, he first uses his crown’s power and his various protective and buff spells upon himself, and then attacks spellcasters (especially healers) before all others. However, he prefers not to fight
directly until he must, leaving combat to his defiled minions and grimling followers. He uses his oddly small yet fully functional metallic wings to stay out of opponents’ reach, while using his items to monitor the thoughts of foes and the condition of allies. His defiled minions (see below) can be affected by any of his spells that would normally affect his beastlord’s warder. As long as four or more of his minions and servants are still fighting, he hovers in the background casts spells to assist them and frustrate his foes.


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