Secrets of Faydwer – Unfolding the Lore: Part 8


The Crypt of Shade

Beneath the dark, damp earth of Hills of Shade lays the Crypt of Shade. The Crypt of Shade is where the elves of Kirathas interred their dead. Before the curse of Erollisi Marr struck the Hills of Shade, the Crypt was seen as a beautiful resting place for the ancestors of Kirathas. The vines and roots that formed the passageways were bright greens, pulsating with life. Many different kinds of blossoms could be found growing along the archways, acting as a colorful memorial for the dead. Now, the Crypt of Shade is just a series of twisted and tainted earth-filled tunnels where the undead Kirathas elves roam as zombies, spirits, and skeletons.

The curse also brought a necromancer that has been seen lurking within the tunnels of the Crypt. Many have passed on tales of the necromancer using the undead souls in the Crypt to perform dark rituals that enhance his own power while further corrupting the Hills of Shade. Speculation is that he will use the souls to raise an army to battle any foe foolish enough to cross him. Only those brave enough to venture into the Crypt of Shade will learn the truth of this.


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