You say, ‘who is carson mccabe’

Tarn Visilin says ‘Carson McCabe is the ruler of Highpass Hold. It was his father, Sean McCabe, who established this great community.’

You say, ‘where is carson mccabe’

Tarn Visilin says ‘Carson McCabe resides in the royal chambers of Highkeep. If you wish to meet with him, do so when he is on the lower levels of the keep. He does not like visitors in the upper levels.’

You say, ‘who is lady mccabe’

Tarn Visilin says ‘A stunning lady if I ever saw one. There is truly a rose missing from the gardens of Erudin. Just look, but do not touch. She is the spouse of Carson McCabe himself. How even he won the heart of a lady as beautiful as that is an amazement to us all.’

You say, ‘where is lady mccabe’

Tarn Visilin says ‘I would assume that she would be in the royal chambers in the highest levels of Highkeep.’

You say, ‘Hail, Captain Bosec’

Captain Bosec says ‘I’m Captain Bosec, and I am the officer in charge down here. It’s my job to patrol the prison and try to keep any [goblins] from getting into Highpass.’

You say, ‘what goblins’

Captain Bosec says ‘Help us exterminate these vile creatures. They call themselves the [Pickclaw] Clan.. I call them annoying. I will gladly pay big money for the left ear of every goblin slain.’

You say, ‘what pickclaw’

Captain Bosec says ‘A couple of months ago, Carson decided to add some more floors beneath the keep. During the construction, we came across these tunnels.. and these goblins. Work has been temporarily halted until we can completely clear out this Pickclaw infestation.’

You say, ‘who is carson mccabe’

Captain Bosec says ‘Carson runs this place. I wouldn’t cross him; he seems like a pretty ruthless guy. I hear he’s got connections all over Antonica!’

You say, ‘what is highkeep’

Captain Bosec says ‘The keep is in the center of Highpass Hold. The keep was made in a natural cave and then expanded over the past few years. I hear they are currently adding some new floors beneath it.’

You say, ‘what is highpass’

Captain Bosec says ‘Highpass Hold is run by [Carson McCabe], who lives in the keep. It’s a rough place here, but you can easily make a quick buck.’

You say, ‘Hail, Princess Lenia’

Princess Lenia says ‘Hello, kind sir! Please rescue me. I am a princess and can give you a generous reward. First, talk with a high elf named Tearon. He should have something for you that will help me to escape.’

You say, ‘Who is mistress anna’

a guard says ‘Mistress! Aptly named, that one. You are speaking of the Highpass hussy. That is what everyone calls her, at least behind her back, that is. Just as Highpass, she is beautiful and frequently traveled. I have heard rumors that Carson has been seeing her, but how can that be true? He has Lady McCabe. What else does he need?’

You say, ‘what highpass hussy’

a guard says ‘Looking for a good time, are we? You’d best leave that wench alone. Mistress Anna is said to be the sole property of Carson McCabe now.’

You say, ‘who is carson mccabe’

Mistress Anna says ‘Who is Carson?! He is the great ruler of Highhold. It was his father who first built the community of Highhold, but it was Carson who made it what it is today. He is the smartest and most handsome gentleman you could meet and he is my lover. So keep your eyes focused on my eyes when speaking or I shall have you sent to the dungeons!’

You say, ‘who is lady mccabe’

Mistress Anna says ‘Never mention that name in front of me!! Carson McCabe would be mine if it were not for that witch! She is not even from Antonica! She is an Erudite! No doubt Carson must have gotten sloshed one night and wed her by mistake. Carson assures me that he shall be rid of her as soon as his clerks can make the proper documents of separation.’

You say, ‘who is princess lenya’

Mistress Anna says ‘What do you know of the Princess? Are you [working for Lady McCabe] or were you [sent by someone else]?’

You say, ‘i am working for lady mccabe’

Mistress Anna says ‘Then may I suggest you pick the closest window and jump out?!!’

You say, ‘i was sent by someone else’

Mistress Anna says ‘I see. The Princess was being held by Lady McCabe. The one who would know of her whereabouts is a dark elf named Tyrana, but I doubt she will tell you. You will have to beat it out of her and then find a shackle key for little miss ‘princess.’ I regularly meet with Marlin, the locksmith, at night in room six at Rooster’s in Highpass. Do me a favor and kill the disgusting creep. You will find the shackle key you need on him. Now, get out of here!’

You say, ‘what highpass hussy’

Mistress Anna says ‘What!! You dare to use that title upon me?! I shall see you dead by my own hands!!’

You say, ‘Hail, Tearon Bleanix’

Tearon Bleanix says ‘Beware!!.. Beware, the Teir’Dal walk the halls of Highkeep!!’

You say, ‘who is princess lenya’

Tearon Bleanix says ‘The Princess Lenya Thex is the daughter of His Royal Majesty, King Tearis Thex of Felwithe. She was on her way to Qeynos when we believe she was kidnapped by Carson McCabe, the governor of this vile city. I await the paladin from Felwithe.’

You say, ‘Hail, Carson McCabe’

Carson McCabe says ‘Good to meet you, Xiea! I hope you are enjoying your time in High Hold. We have the finest food and entertainment around. All I ask is that you do not spend your time on the top floor of Highkeep. Those are my personal living quarters. Other than that, SPEND AND INDULGE!!’


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