Dunn McCabe

Source: http://eqoa.allakhazam.com/quest.html?eqoaquest=571

Note: This is stored for reference and related to a quest in the EverQuest Online Adventures game set 500 years before EverQuest 1

Dunn McCabe is by a wall near the coachman in Highpass. He tells you to go to Saerk’s Tower and speak to Duminven, who has information for you. Duminven gives you the information for 2325 tunar; he tells you to go to the Tomb of Kings and kill the Spectral Guardian which has a key to a nearby chest.

The Spectral Guardian is on the ‘safe’ side of the tomb, which is to say it’s in its own hallway on the side away from the Holciel knights and nobles. The Guardian is a level 35 caster and drops a key. Take the key to the nearby chest and open it. A level 35 Lich Maiden immediately spawns. Looting her lifeless body yields a faded silk gown.

Dunn McCabe is pleased with the robe, as he can sell it for a large profit. For your reward, he sends you to Smithy Palin, who is at the far end of Highpass. You receive 3,768,632 experience and are sent to Tailor Portia, who is in the same tent. She gives you a piece of armor for your troubles.


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