Zebuxoruk’s Pact

You say, ‘Hail, a forgotten noble’

a forgotten noble says ‘The book. Charged, was I, with its safekeeping. All was well until that fateful day: the day of the fall. They descended upon us with horrible fury. I could not fulfill my task. The failure will haunt me. I will haunt this grave . . . until the end of time. An eternity of unrest awaits unless I can uncover the whereabouts of the ancient book of the dead. You, mortal . . . you must seek them out. Find Tulok the Folklorist and the Spirit of Kotiz. They can help pinpoint the location! Kotiz is nearby. Tulok wanders the Emerald Jungle.’

Spirit of Kotiz says, ‘So. Do you come for my regret? My remorse? Or my Vengeance?’

You say, ‘I offer you vengeance.’

Spirit of Kotiz says ‘Indeed, that is something I seek. Many years ago, I found myself conversing in secret with Zebuxoruk. He had offered to me his journal of war, known simply as the Unholy Book of Zebuxoruk. Inside, he had promised battle strategies and magic’s unknown to the Norrath as we knew it. I had come so close..’

You say, ‘So close?’

Spirit of Kotiz says ‘What happened? Ahh.. Yes, I had completed the pact with Zebuxoruk. Fifty sacrifices. Fifty sacrifices is all he required for the book to be mine. I was moments from grasping the book with my own hands before that wretched Sathir showed his face. He took the book from me, struck me down and left my rotting corpse deep within that wretched place.’

You say, ‘What wretched place?’

Spirit of Kotiz says ‘What wretched place? Kaesora, of course. Venril was his name, I believe. A young and powerful warrior-mage of the Kunzar tribe. He sought to decipher the unspeakable magic coded within Zebuxoruk’s ancient book. You just may be worthy to go back and face Venril once more.’

Source: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=3443


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