The Founding of the Whistling Fists Clan

by Brother Nusad, Clan Historian

In the days when the Combine Empire ruled over much of Norrath, there arose a mighty warrior named Zan Fi. Little is known of his past, for despite all his talents, Zan Fi was extraorfinarily humble and spoke few words about his life. We know from his deeds, however, that he was a master of many forms of combat, perhaps more than any who had come before him. It is said that he was equally skilled with swords, bows, maces, halberds, staves, axes, and any other weapon one could name.

Zan Fi also had a natural affinity for magic, with a far greater understanding of its ways than most mortals could hope for. Of special interest to him was the way bards could weave magic into their songs. It is said that Zan Fi’s voice alone could cast a spell potent enought to stop an enemy in its tracks.

Yet Zan Fi was not satisfied with mastering the martial techniques of others. He began taking bits and pieces of other styles, assembling them over the years to form his own form of combat. It was a form of grace and elegance, of carfully applied force tempered with wisdon. He would eschew the reliance upon heavy armor, instead training his own body to withsand a degree of punishment taht would cause most beings to crumble. He Redused to rely upon most weapons, for he belived that anything crafted by mortals could not be relied upon. Instead, he trained his fists to be weapons, practicing until they were more durable and deadly than the strongest steel.

After all his training Zan Fi still felt there was something missing. After much meditation, he realized what would make his combat style complete. He applied bardic songs to his very fists, enchanting them with melodies of swiftness and power. Zan Fi called this his Whistling Fists style, and thouse who saw it in practice were filled with awe.

Though Zan Fi developed the Whistling Fists style of combat only for his personal use, word of it quickly spread and others began to come to him seeking training. The master was very selective as to whom he would train; would-be students had to prove worthy not only physically, but spirtually and mentally as well. With a select band of devoted followers, Zan Fi founded the Whistling Fists clan, which was first order of fighting monks on Norrath

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