Into the Depths of: Unrest

Overview of The Estate of Unrest

This large abandoned mansion was built on a high bluff overlooking the murky waters of Dagnor’s Cauldron. The mansion rests in the center of a large plot of land surrounded by a high, but crumbling, stone wall. Rumor is the mansion is haunted by the powerful ghost of a dwarf named Garanel Rucksif, who went mad and killed the inhabitants; a human priest of Quellious and his family.

Though the mansion is teaming with legions of undead, there are many items to be gained here. Many lost items of magic and lore can be found being worn by the long-dead inhabitants. The difficulty of this area makes it an exciting place to adventure in.

Background Lore

According to legend, a cleric of Quellious had taken his family to the shores of Faydwer from their home in Qeynos. This cleric built the mansion for himself and his family with the intent of bringing the knowledge of Quellious to the beings of Faydwer.

Meanwhile, Garanel Rucksif of Kaladim had inexplicably gone mad and murdered his wife and children. During his escape, he stumbled upon the cleric’s estate and proceeded to brutally torture and kill the entire family in a small chapel dedicated to Quellious, which was built for family worship.

Quellious was so angered by this hideous offense to her worshippers, and particularly in a chapel dedicated to her, that she actually lost her temper and lashed out. She struck down Garanel, cursing his ghost to spend eternity existing in the pain he inflicted upon his innocent victims, and dooming him to walk the halls of the estate forever.

As time passed, the powers of Garanel’s ghost grew, as did his maddened thirst for blood and murder. All who disturbed the haunted estate ultimately faced his wrath. The spirits of unfortunate adventurers who met their demise at Garanel’s hands were revived as his mindless, undead servants.

Eventually the rumors of this haunted establishment reached the ears of a powerful erudite priest of The Faceless whose name has been lost to history. This priest entered the Estate of Unrest without fear and confronted Garanel, who immediately attempted to slay the mortal intruder. The priest was able to subdue Garanel’s ghost, threatening to destroy him for eternity.

The thought of being vanquished entirely into the eternal blackness of non-existence drove Garanel to strike a bargain with his would-be killer. The priest, amused and wholly fascinated with Garanel’s being and his tale, thought this the perfect opportunity to exploit the creation of his deity’s divine opposition.

The priest spent several days in prayer and eventually awoke the corpses of the human priest and his wife. For weeks the priest of fear tended to their bodies, restoring the appearance of life in their decayed corpses. He dissected each body in turn, stripping flesh from bone and removing their organs. When he was done with the dissections, the priest invoked the power of The Faceless and sacrificed himself to forever pervert Quellious’ doing.

With the power of the priest’s final spell, each piece of dissected flesh grew and mutated into a full body, infused with the couples’ spirits, stolen from Quellious and siphoned through the power of The Faceless. Garanel’s curse remains intact, but the taint of the The Faceless, made possible by the priest’s self-sacrifice, strengthened Garanel’s power and hold upon the estate, now forever polluted by Quellious’ cherished followers, now undead and in eternal pain.


This mansion is a very difficult area. Many undead creatures make their home here, and will swarm on any visitors to their home. Stepping foot into the mansion itself would prove unwise for unskilled adventurers.

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