Into the Depths of: Riwwi, Coliseum of Games


Overview of the Riwwi, Coliseum of Games

Riwwi, Coliseum of Games is one of the most interesting of all of the city areas of within the realm of Discord. Little is known about the past of Riwwi but it is currently used for the merciless slaughter of the Nihil. Before explorers can interact with denizens of this area, they must first prove themselves by participating in tests.

Background Lore

Once a bustling arena used for hosting magic and athletic competitions, Riwwi, Coliseum of Games has been converted by the invaders into a fighting pit used for their entertainment. Native animals, enslaved Taelosians, golems, and the occasional invader battle to the death in the center to the cheers of a bloodthirsty crowd.

The public areas near the coliseum are but a shadow of their former glory. The Defunct Bazaar, commons area, and performing amphitheaters are dilapidated, damaged both by looting and the earthshaking blast. Invaders use the bazaar stalls for storage of food and other goods and guard its contents carefully – mostly to maintain the required supplies for running the city.

The gazebo has been taken over by the invaders and used as a place to punish and humiliate their slaves. Once a place of quiet meditation and reflection, it is now a place of pain and torture. Captives are lashed to the marble benches, facing the pool of water, and held there for days without drink, just feet away from a crystal clear pool. Other slaves are tied to the pillars and whipped or hung from the ceiling.

The coliseum is constructed of heavy stone and marble. Tiers of seats overlook a wide expansive arena. Due to the tropical nature of the island, moss and vines wrap around the lower tier of the structure. Potted and hanging plants are used for decoration in the halls.

The gaming area is littered with the remnants of recent battles – shattered pieces of defeated golems, scorch marks on the walls, broken weaponry, bodies, and snapped chains. A low makeshift separator has been erected from debris and salvaged stone in the center of the arena. This splits the site into two halves for hosting multiple battles at the same time.

Multiple entrances in the battle pit lead down snaking hallways to underground preparation areas. Many of these areas have been converted to slave pens, used to hold the humanoids or animals that are slated to compete shortly.

Post earthquake, the coliseum is showing the evidence of damage. Due to the trauma of the shockwave much of the structure is cracked or crumbling. Half of the top tier has crumbled, some stones have come loose or fallen, and cracks are evident in the larger stonework. Potted plants are tipped over and smashed.
The outdoor areas surrounding the coliseum were a bustling social area pre-invasion. The stone walkways, lush green gardens, fountains, and bazaar have been decimated by the blast and the plundering of the invaders. Statues lie toppled in the streets, doors are torn from their hinges or smashed, debris fills the shallow waterways, and much of the land is charred.


Guards are stationed in many locations around the Defunct Bazaar. They are tasked with watching the storage area and must keep an eye out for escaped Taelosians or scavengers. Night watchmen lurk during the evening hours.

Coliseum officiators run the sadistic gaming in the arena. Their tasks include watching over the competitors to ensure they do not escape, ushering the competitors into the pit, and rallying the crowd.

A variety of spectator invaders lounge about in the tiers of the arena to watch the sadistic slaughter in the fighting pits.
Animals native to the area have been captured, tortured, and are forced to battle in the arena. Magical golems are sent into the arena to do battle for their captor’s amusement.

Native Taelosians are captives of the invaders – some work in the Defunct Bazaar sorting supplies, some are held in cages, and the unlucky ones are sent to their deaths in the arena.

Taskmistress Krisz

Extremely dangerous, Taskmistress Krisz can cut a soul in half with a single swing.

Fight to the Death

Amused by the prowess of the slaves and intruders, the invaders often send in waves of their best battlers to face a single group of victims. The waves begin with wild animals and eventually reach the depths of heavily armored invaders. This event demonstrates the bloodthirsty and calloused nature of the invaders.

Chef Vuzcv

Vuzcv is responsible for feeding the invaders and enslaved natives.

Pixtt Hihkx and Pixtt Kihkx

This brother and sister twin duo can be found within the fighting pits.

Kayin Wanjala

Kayin Wanjala is a close friend of Njanu Dinari who can currently be found in Barindu. Kayin was dragged away from his work for displaying his hot-headed temper by striking guard Ra`Tuk Hrux Vekxit after being lashed for working too slow. He is now being kept captive within a cage in Riwwi.


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