Erudin Burning lore

Terris Thule says ‘His knowledge and words dwell within the minds of all erudites, so although he is long dead, his spirit lives. And in this dream, he once again walks among his people, confused and dismayed by the destruction he sees. Every time I kill him or alter his memories, he descends further into madness, and the tastes of truth I give him are all the more frustrating.’

Terris Thule says ‘Why would I do such a thing? As his spirit weakens, as the spirits of all erudites weaken, I grow in power. As his madness grows, so does my strength. There is nothing you should fear more than a nightmare from which you cannot wake.’

Terris Thule says ‘But I did not anticipate your arrival…or your strength. I leave to you Erud and his fading knowledge and confused memories. Do with him what you will. It is of no ultimate consequence anyhow; for although you may have discovered me, you will never find Morell.’


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