Into the Depths of: Velketor’s Labyrinth

Overview of Velketor’s Labyrinth

Welcome to the lair of Drovrag Velketor, Storm Giant wizard, creator of living ice creatures. His home, an ice castle etched into the side of a glacier, is fronted by a labyrinth that Drovrag created over many centuries to provide a barrier to uninvited guests. Fortifying the labyrinth is a guard of kobolds, and beyond Grizzot, the town near its center, Drovrag’s ice golems reside.

This geometric labyrinth offers a unique and challenging adventuring environment. Velketor’s research and his adept use of arcane power have yielded some exceptionally potent magical items. He has entrusted many of these items to his guardians to help them keep out the unwanted.

Background Lore

Drovrag has equipped his architectural masterpiece with kobold guardians bred to be especially brutish. These dog-men patrol the outer edges of the labyrinth and live in a primitive town near its center. Grizzot, who is the strongest member of the kobold guardians, serves as their leader. Two dwarf ice goblins, Tilgor and Riglit, advise Grizzot on all matters.

Beyond the town lies a magically enchanted area of pure blackness, which no vision or light source can penetrate. This area remains uninhabited, as Drovrag’s attempts to populate it have all failed. Beyond the blackness lies Drovrag’s living ice. Drovrag has managed to breathe life into the frozen waters of the glacier, and the resulting ice golems roam the back half of the labyrinth.

Drovrag also utilizes ice golems to guard the front of his castle. The ice golems’ barracks make up the outer walls of the castle, with the two main barracks flanking the main entrance to Drovrag’s lair.

Areas of Note

Labyrinth Entrance: The entrance of the labyrinth is fashioned into Drovrag’s grim visage.

Grizzot: Gnolls have fashioned a primitive palace of sorts into one of the labyrinth’s icy walls.

Dark Area: Drovrag managed to use his magic to change nearly a quarter of the labyrinth into pure darkness. This area is virtually uninhabited, except for the occasional lost wandering gnoll.

Ice Wurm Lair: When Drovrag crafted the labyrinth, he inadvertently built over the lair of Vielik the Cold, sealing the ancient ice wurm in. Vielek was in the midst of hibernation at the time and has since awakened. Currently, he has broken his way out into the dark area of the labyrinth, and relies on the gnolls as his primary source of food.

Ice Garden: Drovrag keeps an ice “garden” of sorts where he grows the ice creatures that roam the back half of his labyrinth.

Frost Giant Barracks: The Frost giant barracks are actually the outer walls of Drovrag’s castle. The two main barracks flank the main entrance to Drovrag’s lair.

Key Figures

Drovrag Velketor

This supreme Storm Giant wizard was banished from Kael Drakkel for reasons that are unclear. He is served by Arctic Kobolds, ice golems, and shard spiders. He is enemies with the Coldain and servants of Veeshan, but he holds a special hatred for the Kromzek who banished him.

His ultimate agenda is unknown, but his continued experiments and birthing of ice creatures suggests that he may perhaps be intending to harm the Kromzek in a way they hadn’t thought possible – one giant against an entire army of ice.


Visiting Velketor’s Labyrinth can be quite harmful to one’s health. Kobold guardians, for instance, are extremely hostile and often attack in coordinated efforts. The golems that have been created to serve Velketor are also not to be trifled with, for they are extremely cunning and as deadly as their giant brethren of Kael. Even the spiders can be deadly, as they are hard to see and often attack in number, releasing powerful venom with every bite. There are many slippery ramps to be negotiated within the Labyrinth; walk slowly or risk falling to your death far below!


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