Into the Depths of: The Crypt of Nadox

Overview of the Crypt of Nadox

Into the depths of the Broken Skull Rock, the hidden Crypt of Nadox lies. This crypt is the burial chamber of the undead troll shaman Nadox. Within, various shrines and temples honor Innoruuk, the god of the Broken Skull Clan. The crypt is a dangerous place to any who venture there. Also within the crypt, the ship of a dangerous pirate captain can be found in a hidden lagoon. The ship is filled with ill begotten treasure that the various troll pirate captains have gathered up over the ages.

Background Lore

During the recovery and rise of Clan Broken Skull, Nadox turned his eye from his people to his god. Nadox began to commune with Innoruuk, using his hatred for the land bound trolls to focus his spirit toward the Prince of Hate, he began using captives from the marauders at sea to build temples to Innoruuk. As his spirit grew closer to Innoruuk the practices of his faith began to change, become more savage and primal. Cruel and torturous ceremonies were held to sacrifice captured bodies for Innoruuk.

As Nadox’s religion began to evolve, it also began to expand. Slaves were used to tunnel into the stone to build more shrines and altars; it was during these excavations when the Black Ore was discovered. Nadox knew when he first saw it that the black ore was a boon from Innoruuk, a reward for their devotion. Veins of the ore resonated with Hate. The first group of miners that uncovered it massacred each other, the primal force of hatred taking over their minds; none of them were close enough to the spirit of Innoruuk to know how to harness his hatred.

Nadox used the most devout priests to move the discovered ore to one of the temples, as they were apt to be the most resistant to its magic. In the temple they spent many months secluded researching, trying to find how to best harness the properties of the ore. One of the attributes they discovered was that a suspension made from the ore could be used to protect people’s mind from its effects. In large enough doses the suspension also weakened a person’s mind, reducing their willpower and making them more susceptible to command. Over enough time, people who ingested the ore lost all of their free will, and when coupled with religious indoctrination, these servants became fanatic in their devotion to the priests in the temple.

When the Ore’s suspension was discovered the mines were reopened, but with new purpose, instead of tunneling to expand the temples they were excavating to find more of the Black Ore. The miners were given large amounts of the suspension under the guise of protecting them from the Ore’s effects, while they were in fact becoming servants to the Priests.

It was during this time that the pirate sects of the island began to allow outsiders to join their ranks. The outsiders were given small amounts of the suspension with their food and drink to assure their dedication, but not enough to slow their wits. With the supplements of the outside pirates, Clan Broken Skull’s rein of terror over the seas was absolute. Over time, the priests withdrew into their meditations, the pirates supplied them with supplies and servants, and they gave the pirates the means to increase their numbers.

The Ore granted Nadox, Dulak, and Captain Jrank unnaturally long lives, but over time they all died. Nadox was the last of the trio to pass, his life extended through contact with the ore, and as a gift from Innoruuk. On his deathbed Nadox foretold that if the Grozmok Stone lay on Broken Skull Isle, the Grozmok would rise from their Clan. It was then that the eyes of Broken Skull turned from the seas back to Southern Tunaria.


Entering the Crypt of Nadox can be a danger in itself. Routes include traveling through the dark Torigran Mines and trenching across through the molten lava. A passage leads from the meditation room into the shrine that is built in Gunthak Harbor. The passage has been enchanted by the followers of Nadox with a visage of a wall. Only they can easily see through this guise and move through to the shrine and back. The safest route is through the Cathedral in Gunthak. However, guardians do protect the entrance to make sure only Clan Broken Skull and Luggalds enter.
The crypt contains a variety of shrines and idols for the worship of Innoruuk. Throughout, followers mediate, pay homage to Innoruuk and Nadox and train to become priests, which can last for days. Worship can often include a ritualistic sacrifice.

Nadox’s Tomb

Nadox’s Tomb can be found deep within the crypt. Many of the acolytes can be found here giving homage to Nadox. It is here, through a long and draining ritual, Prophet Grulgask summons the spirit of Nadox from the grave.

Innoruuk and the Luggalds

Luggalds were created by Innoruuk. After seeing how devout the pirates of Broken Skull Rock were to him, Innoruuk created Luggalds for them as a gift. These creatures also serve the purpose to monitor activities on the island. In creating the Luggald, he took a handful of Prexus’ creations and twisted them into a humanoid form filled with hate making them an amphibious mutation of Innoruuk’s most hateful human followers.

These beings have learned to perpetuate themselves through reproduction with eggs. Heat from the lava helps to stimulate their growth while in the shell. The Luggald Broodmother watches over the incubation chambers and strikes down those who dare interfere with the creation of new Luggald. Greater Luggalds true intentions are unknown to even the Broken Skull Clan. Fierce guardians often guard these leaders. The Luggalds can almost pass as human when they conceal their features in robes and cowls. This allows them to keep an eye on harbors and seaports. The pirates know to follow their lead and not ask questions lest they incur the wrath of Innoruuk himself.

Bloodspear the Wretched

Within the Cathedral, High Priest Bloodspear the Wretched is protected by several prophets and guardians including Karsonizzak Bloodblade. If disturbed, he performs a ritual which causes his death and his after death wrath.

Nadox Mines

These mines are prohibited to all but true devotees to the Broken Skull Clan. Slaves may be used in the Torgiran Mines, but a special material is being excavated here that can only be entrusted to those who place their faith in Innoruuk and the tribe of Broken Skull.

Hate’s Fury and the Undead Pirates

Undead pirates from the ship Hate’s Fury, rest nearby the docks in the Crypt of Nadox. Their lust for treasure and devotion to Innoruuk has given them an undead afterlife. They prepare and wait for the day that Hate’s Fury will sail again.


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