Into the Depths of: Kael Drakkal

Overview of Kael Drakkal

(Also known as Kael Drakkel)

Kael Drakkal, home of the Storm Giants, lies at the easternmost edge of the Great Scar. It has been the site of many great battles, for the dragons of Velious regard the Scars of Veeshan as the holiest of ground, and view the giant’s invasion of the Great Scar as sacrilege. Kael Drakkal is divided into five different districts. In the eastern portion of the city, live the Frost Giants, cousins of the Storm Giants. Frost giant traders and mercenaries stay here while looking for trade or work. Once past the Frost district, the heart of the city is heavily fortified, with roads leading off into three directions: north, south, and west. The northern path leads to the Storm Giants worship area, with temples worshipping Rallos Zek and his sons. The south path leads to the keep of the Storm Giant King Tormax. The western area of the city is in direct conflict with the Savage Land, which fights as if it were a living being with Kael Drakkal as a parasitic growth it wants removed.

The Storm Giants are children of Rallos Zek, and Kael Drakkal reflects this. Symbols and statues paying homage to the war god can be seen throughout the city, and the northern end of the city has three temples dedicated to the Zek gods. These three temples overlook a large battle arena that the giants use for entertainment.

King Tormax’s keep, made of stone and steel, stands grim on the southern side of the city. This keep is home to the majority of the Storm Giants, and is well guarded by them. The western edges of Kael Drakkal are its weak points, and Tormax has ordered his most seasoned troops to guard against the onslaught of the creatures from the Savage Land.

Background Lore

King Tormax

As the King of the Storm Giants, Tormax rules over both the Kromzek and Kromrif clans. His lasting desire is to see every last Velious dragon crushed beneath a giant’s maul. To further illustrate this fact, Tormax sits upon a throne carved from the skull of the dragon Hsagra, the mate of Yelinak of Skyshrine, who was felled by a Kromzek hero’s blade.

The Dragons of Velious are not Tormax’s only enemies, as the Coldain dwarves despise him and his people with a passion equal to his own. It was Tormax’s blade that killed Dain Frostreaver III, the great War King – a deed that has earned him eternal infamy among the Coldain.

Points of Interest

Frost Giant District:
The Frost Giant district is the most primitive portion of Kael Drakkal. The Storm Giants have allowed the Frost Giants to construct their own buildings of ice and stone. The Frost Giant leader lives in a huge mansion near the center of the city.

City Center:
The city center is a town square. It serves as a nexus to all portions of the city. In the middle of the Town Square lies a deep pit. The Storm Giants throw the remains of their enemies within this pit after they have removed the bones, and all the roads in Kael Drakkal are paved with the crushed bones of their enemies.

Battle Arena:
The battle arena was built to honor Porlos who slew Yelinak’s mate Hsagra. Embossed on the ground is an image of Porlos holding Hsagra’s head in victory with the body lying before him. A statue to Rallos Zek towers over the arena, and the temples to Tallon Zek and Vallon Zek flank it on each side.

Rallos Zek’s Temple:
The temple of Rallos Zek is the largest and most important of the three temples. It stands behind the statue in his likeness.

Vallon Zek’s Temple:
The temple built in honor of Vallon is not as grand his father’s, but it does not lack in splendor.

Tallon Zek’s Temple:
The temple built in honor of Tallon is likewise not as grand his father’s temple, but it is equal to that of Vallon.

Dragon Death Keep:
The main residence of the Storm Giants, Tormax’s keep is built from stone and steel. Tapestries telling the history of Rallos Zek’s battles line the walls. Tormax’s throne is carved from the skull of Hsagra.

West Side:
The western part of the city borders into the Savage Lands. A constant struggle between the jungle and the Storm Giants goes on, with the jungles slowly losing ground.


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