Into the Depths of: Broodlands


The Broodlands have been used as a nursery for dragon eggs since ancient times. They are securely nestled in a valley surrounded on all sides by mountains to keep the precious eggs safe from harm. Most of the valley is lush and green, except where it borders other areas, like Lavastorm.

The most prominent feature of the Broodlands is the lake in the very middle of the valley. This is an excellent landmark for adventurers in the 40 to 60 level range to find their way in this area. It also has an island in the center that leads to The Nest.

Areas of Note

Veeshan’s Broken Claw  Hidden away within the swampy areas, there is a broken statue of Veeshan’s claw.

The Dragon Road – An ornate stone pathway winds its way around the lake and up to the temple on the mountain.



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