Writings of Sellok

The tome is too large to move, and as heavy as stone. However, there is a tattered note folded in the flap of the book, written in a strange language. Writings of Sellok – Antonica, The Age of Turmoil. …and he nearly succeeded. Had he finished creating the Mantle, there would have been seemingly no limit to his power, allowing him to challenge even the gods themselves. Such power would be desired by any mortal, and it is little wonder that ‘higher’ beings stepped in to thwart his plan. Without this tome, I would not have been able to learn his secret…even then, there are many parts of his research that must have disappeared with him. This gives us the basis of his studies, however, and from here we can begin to fill in the blanks of the knowledge we are missing. I feel that he missed a true opportunity, however. Why learn to merely wield power like this, when it should be possible to actually become one with it? Imagine how much more powerful one could become if they could truly master the power, making it a part of him? I have every belief that this is possible. I will continue to research his notes, and the information he left in this tome. If my theory is correct, I will obtain more power than he even dreamed of. I will not challenge the gods. I will become a god, and I will stop at nothing to achieve my goal – to realize my Vision


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