This appears to be the writings of the mystic hero Thalger. Although it is now assembled, several portions of the text have been weathered or broken away. It is written in the language of the Northmen, Halasian.

…have discovered that to see a spirit, I must see as a spirit. Thus, no earthly eye is going to be able to reveal the Great Ones in their true forms.

I have heard whispers. Whispers of eyes that do not close, and do not sleep. They can see straight into the spirit of mortals, as they search for terror within their hearts. These evil ones are truly a creature of fear and darkness, but they can see across existence, even into the realm of spirits. I can harness this power, and use it to see the true forms of the Great Ones.

However, I must be mindful of the evil power of these creatures. Should I use the unclean essence of their sight, I will risk corrupting my own sould and succumbing to darkness. The essence will need to be purified before I can use it.

…filled with the pure power of the wild. The trees grow tall and mighty, far beyond what is found in much of the rest of the world. The spirits of nature are in abundance, tending to the lush greenery of the forest. It is within this lush forest that I might find the purest of waters. It is there that I will cleanse the evil essence of the fearful eye, so that my spirit will remain clean.


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