D’Vinnian Mission: Valmarr

… It has become apparent that the vampire lord has a use for the sword greater than dismemberment. The sword has some link to the past, this is true.
Why else would the ancient Order of Marr be after it also. Unfortunately, his agent is soon to show and we will be forced to hand over this prize. We are not yet ready to upset one of the most dangerous entities on Norrath. …

… My agents overseas have returned with news of the bell tower. It stands! The spirit of the legendary bard holds what we need to decipher more of the secrets of the sword. The vampire lord will not be the only keeper of secrets. We will cut at his heels when the time is right. But first we must coerce the spirit of the bard.

… The sticks have arrived! Along with the composition, we can now begin the intro to the ‘Bells of Vhalen.’ This will call forth just enough of the bard’s soul in Ethernere. The window shall be small, but the bard will be fooled into repeating the tale of the ‘Knights in the Round’ and then we can begin our quest of secrets. …


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