The Kedge

Bjoskhua Blackfist says ‘Ages ago there was a race of fish men named the Kedge. Prexus spread them throughout the waters of the world and they were prosperous. Rumors abound that even near the waters of velious they had great cities. All at once they seemed to be wiped from the face of Norrath. One of the travelers I recently spoke to informed me that a single Kedge may still live in the lands of Faydwer. As grotesque as it sounds, the backbone of a Kedge may be used to create indestructible scroll cases. Bring me the backbone of this fishman, if he exists, and you will find yourself a richer person.’

Bjoskhua Blackfist says ‘Excellent, I guess his entire race is now wiped from Norrath. This will indeed make a wonderful scroll case. I am a giant of my word. Take your prized item and be gone, you greedy little beast!’


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