Target Prime

The dragon (designated Target Prime) represents our greatest challenge, but the Director has determined this operation to be of the highest priority. The combination of draconic and planar energies available in this being represents a significant source of fuel that cannot be ignored.

The Director believes that occupying Target Prime’s physical form will allow us access to energy sources that have heretofore been unavailable to us. In the past we have deemed that dragons represented an unattractive ratio of risk to reward, but Target Prime has been designated an exception.

As a result, the Director has used high-level operatives to aquire a device believed capable of stripping away consciousness and implanting one of our own. Because this device was not of our construction, it has taken some time to integrate our technologies and techniques.

The device has been assigned to the personal care of Axxyk’Tuur administrator of Zet. This outpost is assigned the responsibility of testing the device on other draconic beings. All operatives should review Test Plan AR171J for details.

Subduing Target Prime will be difficult. Implantation of significant Fae targets should make this process advance more smoothly. It is of vital importance that Target Prime’s body not reject the implantation process. Failure will be seen poorly by the Directory. Further directives to follow.

Supplemental note: Because the device was liberated from a site of accumulated draconic artifacts, there may be enemy agents dispatched to retrieve it. Draconic bane technologies should be installed on all automated sentries.


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