To: Axxyk’Tuur, Master of Zet re: Test Plan AR171J

Intelligence gathered on target world suggests alternate plan for testing of Draconic Implantation Device. This plan is not without risk, thus is not yet submitted as a formal amendment to Test Plan AR171J.

We have learned of a dragon located below the surface of target world in possession of the spirit of a deceased companion dragon. Said dragon lacks the means to implant this spirit essence into a restored body. Said dragon may have been seeking the core device in the lair from which we obtained it.

A possible scenario involves allowing said dragon to obtain the device once it is in a state we believe to be fully functional. Said dragon could attempt to restore the essence of its companion.

If successful, this proves the device capable of achieving our goals. If not, the loss of the dragon spirit is of no consequence to us.

The device would need to be recovered from said dragon once testing is complete. If approved, plan would recall for acquisition of target Selek. Risk assessment in progress. Further advisement to follow.


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