Archarcanist Kirstmycl

Archarcanist Kirstmycl says ‘Well, that is interesting. I have been studying the teleportation [portals] for many years in order to refine our understanding of them.’

You say, ‘history’

Archarcanist Kirstmycl says ‘Despite what you may have heard, the Combine did not create the original portals that you see on Norrath. They were created by a civilization so ancient that their name has been lost in time. While some of them have obviously failed, that any of them work at all with how ancient they are is amazing. The great combine wizard [Kra Raptha] was the first to discover how to use them, and completed the most comprehensive study on this lost civilization while he was researching the portals.’

You say, ‘kra raptha’

Archarcanist Kirstmycl says ‘While Kra Raptha had many theories about the lost civilization, even his in-depth research only gave him enough information to make wild speculations. He even went so far as to say that Druzzil influenced beings from another world to make the portals on Norrath. While I am not always sure of his conclusions on the ancient civilization, one cannot fault his [research] on the portals.’

You say, ‘research’

Archarcanist Kirstmycl says ‘His in-depth research led to our knowledge of the teleportation spires and pyramids that are scattered across Norrath. He was also the first to create new portals and created the fanciful one that you can see in the swampland outside the ruined city of Nokk. Through Kra Raptha we have gained the ability to [create] our own portals.’

You say, ‘create’

Archarcanist Kirstmycl says ‘Kra Raptha was truly a great wizard and we have not been able to duplicate the form that he used in the portal outside of Nokk. We have since gone back to using the more traditional form of pyramids and spires when we create new portals as we find the unity in form to be pleasing. Additionally the spires and pyramids allow for better focusing of the energies and allow us to do things the original portals never did. We also learned a few things about teleportation from the [Shissar].’

You say, ‘shissar’

Archarcanist Kirstmycl says ‘The portals that you see with the spinning rings are of Shissar design and use a vacuum that allows travel in time and space. The Shissar we welcomed here gave us the knowledge to escape Seru and teleport to Luclin. We have even incorporated some of the enchantments into the portals you will find around this city allowing for better control and multiple destinations with one portal.’



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