SoulFire Text

Source: part of the everquest 1 paladin epic

You say, ‘Hail, Kalatrina Plossen’

Kalatrina Plossen says ‘Hail! Welcome to the Hall of Truth. We, the Knights of Truth, are all the hope this city has of loosening the grip of Lucan D’lere and his militia. I seek a young knight to [serve the will of the Truthbringer].’

You say, ‘I serve the will of the Truthbringer.’

Kalatrina Plossen says ‘Stand tall then, knight! We have need of your services. We have sent a man to infiltrate the militia. We fear he may soon be found out. Take him this note of warning. Say the words, ‘Truth is good,’ and you shall find him. Be careful, young knight. The militia does not take prisoners.’

You say, ‘Hail, Guard Alayle’

Guard Alayle says ‘Greetings, citizen! You should not be in the Militia House. These are restricted grounds. Please leave at once unless you have business here.’

You say, ‘Truth is good.’

Guard Alayle says ‘Ssshhh!! Pipe down. The others might hear you. You must have something for me. Kalatrina must have given you something if you serve the Hall of Truth. If you have nothing, please leave. You will blow my cover.

Guard Alayle says ‘This is not good news. I must leave immediately. Here. Take this to Kala.. I mean my father. I found it on the floor of Sir Lucan D’Lere’s quarters. Thanks again, messenger. I got this just in time.’

….. … …. .. …
……. …… … .. … ……. …. …

You say, ‘Hail, Krazen Loosh’

Krazen Loosh says ‘The towering wall of stone is clearly unmovable at this point, being held in place by collection of magical energies.’

Krazen Loosh says ‘Hello, Alayle. We just got a message from Qeynos. I think you should come with me.’

Guard Alayle says ‘Oh no!! It is too late!! Run!!’

Krazen Loosh says ‘As you try to open penetrate the stone wall it is clearly being held in place by a powerful force.’

Guard Alayle says ‘My comrades will avenge my death.’

Kalatrina Plossen says ‘Zimel’s Blades?! Hmmmmm. It doesn’t ring a bell and the remainder of the writing is too hard to make out. It kind of looks like a list of prices. You know, down at the Office of the People they might be able to tell us if this place exists. Go speak with Rashinda. She knows all about Freeport. If [Zimel’s Blades] existed, you must report back to me what happened to it.’

You say, ‘Hail, Rashinda Elore’

Rashinda Elore says ‘Hello. I am Rashinda Elore. The city Landholder Manager. If you have business to discuss, please direct it to my two clerks downstairs. Good day.’

You say, ‘What do you know of Zimel’s Blades?’

Rashinda Elore says ‘Ariska Zimel was a human blacksmith, a master when it came to making swords, I hear. He kept to himself a lot. He disappeared about one year ago. A lot of people were disappointed when we had to condemn Zimel’s Blades. All the merchandise was handed over to Groflah Steadirt. Mostly charred junk.’

You say, ‘Who is Groflah Steadirt?’

Rashinda Elore says ‘Groflah Steadirt is the dwarven owner of Groflah’s Forge which is right near here. He was Ariska Zimel’s best friend. They were apparently avid travelers before settling down here in Freeport. I guess it was during their travels that they picked up the fine arts of the forge. You should talk to Groflah about Zimel. He can tell you more than I can.’

You say, ‘Why was Zimel’s Blades condemned?’

Rashinda Elore says ‘About a week after Ariska Zimel’s disappearance, strange noises were heard from his shop. Loud booms and rumbling as though the earth itself were exploding. When the militia got to the shop, they said the shop was badly burned by an exploding boiler. They had us condemn the building due to its unsafe structure.’

You say, ‘Have you heard of Zimel’s Blades?’

Rashinda Elore says ‘Zimel’s Blades? It used to be a fine place of rare weaponry. [Ariska Zimel] was the owner. No one knows what happened to the man. He just vanished overnight. His shop used to be in East Freeport which is now a slum, er, I mean, which now has plenty of available lots for sale with plenty of potential. As for Zimel’s Blades, we condemned it.’

You say, ‘Zimel’s Blades was condemned’

Kalatrina Plossen says ‘Why would Lucan visit a condemned building? He must be searching for something. When I last visited the local forge, I heard rumors of Lucan searching for a sword named Soulfire. If this is true, you must find it first! No more power should go his way. Seek this sword out!’

You say, ‘Hail, Groflah Steadirt’

Groflah Steadirt says ‘Greetings, adventurer! Certainly a person who looks as hardened as yourself deserves a fine blade to match your prowess. Here at Groflah’s Forge, we supply you with only the finest quality weapons.’

You say, ‘Do you know Ariska Zimel?’

Groflah Steadirt says ‘Zimel!! I do not know who you mean. Now go away. I am very busy. I will not talk here!!’

Hand him the tattered flier.

Groflah Steadirt says ‘Where did you find this? This was the main price list of Zimel’s Blades, but it should be all burnt up. I was at Zimel’s right after the fire and I did not see it hanging where it should have been. The entire inside was gutted and . . . wait . . . the sequence of the dots!! Hmmm. I cannot talk with you here. Meet me at the Seafarer’s by the docks at night. Give me the note when next we meet.’

You say, ‘Hail, Groflah Steadirt’

Groflah Steadirt says ‘Greetings, ! Join in the [celebration]! Have a few drinks. Alas, there are no [Tumpy Tonics].’

Hand Groflah the tattered flier.

Groflah Steadirt says ‘This used to be hanging in Zimel’s Blades. It is the price list. It is badly faded though. There was a fire in Zimel’s Blades and I was on the scene just afterward. I did not see this hanging. I wonder who took it . . . Hmmmm.. oh, yes.. the markings on the list! It is a code! Here. I will fill it in. Read it. You probably do not even know who Ariska is.’

..h… e… l .. p.. …
..c….. ..a…. … p.. t… ..i….v. …. …

You say ‘Who is Ariska?’

Groflah Steadirt says ‘Ariska Zimel was my best friend. He and I learned our knowledge of metal from such places as Halas and Kaladim. When he disappeared, it seemed to involve foul play. He must be alive somewhere in the city. I pray this is not the work of [Pietro Zarn].’

You say, ‘Who is Pietro Zarn?’

Groflah Steadirt says ‘While we were traveling through the Lavastorm Mountains, we happened upon a caravan. They wore emblems in honor of the evil god, Innoruuk. They did not see us, but we saw them. And most importantly of all, Ariska saw the apparent leader’s sword. It was glowing with great energy. Suddenly, the evil knights were in a battle. The knights gave chase, leaving their camp unattended. The knight who owned the sword left it behind, opting to fight with another, leading me to believe it was not his to begin with. It was at this point that Ariska ran down and grabbed the sword. A few weeks later, we were to learn that the knight was a powerful man by the name of Pietro Zarn and that he was looking for a sword stolen from him. He called it .. Soulfire. I believe Zarn must have finally found Ariska.’

Groflah Steadirt says ‘Sing it, lass! Sir Lucan D’Lere is no friend of the people.’

Henna Treghost says ‘Sing us a melody.’

Branis Noolright says ‘Here’s one for Sir Lucan… He’s just a ruler. In a long line of rulers. Looking for a few more orcs to slay. They say that he fights them with one hand tied to his back. And he won’t leave Freeport till you remember his name. Thank you.’

Tykar Renlin says ‘That man is no just ruler. He has jailed me and my friend Zimel for merely begging.

Henna Treghost says ‘Music!! Music!!’

Trolon Lightleer says ‘My city is mighty and all shall learn to cower. We are nothing less than the ultimate power. My city is pure and filled with beautiful charm. I shall conquer you to save you from harm. My city shall first send its guards to back you in times of need. Soon you shall learn to live under my laws, indeed. So bow down when you see me and give out my favorite cheer, ‘All Hail Antonius Bail!’ My city is Qeynos and there is nothing to fear.’

Tlin Bowfright says ‘I wish the Qeynos Guards would come and conquer Freeport. The Freeport Militia are nothing more than mercenaries and criminals.’

Talym Shoontar says ‘Antonius Bayle is a blithering fool.’

Tlin Bowfright says ‘The only blithering fool in here is you, Talym Shoontar.’

Talym Shoontar says ‘All right, Tlin! I am going to smash your face in!’

You say, ‘Hail, Tykar Renlin’

Tykar Renlin says ‘Do you have any spare coppers for a thirsty soul?’

You say, ‘What can you tell me of Zimel?’

Tykar Renlin says ‘What?! You know my friend Zimel?! I would like to speak of him, but my mouth is so parched. Maybe a fine grog would loosen my lips. I am uncertain which flavor shall do the trick.’

Tykar Renlin says ‘Oooh!! That is the taste. My lips are almost loose. Maybe another will do the trick.’

Tykar Renlin says ‘Oooh!! That is the taste. My lips are almost loose. Maybe another will do the trick.’

Tykar Renlin says ‘Oooh!! That is the taste. My lips are almost loose. Maybe another will do the trick.’

Tykar Renlin says ‘Ahh!! That was good. Now where were we?. Oh yes. My friend Zimel is a fellow beggar. He was locked up in the arena. They were going to let him go when the Freeport Militia came for him. Ha!! He is crazy as a troll now. I took this blanket from his cell before I was released. I no longer need it and my guilt has reached its peak. I do not want crazy old Zimel to freeze. Perhaps you can return it to him.’

a prisoner says ‘unngh!!.. Biggle and boo.. Goggle froo..’

You say, ‘Hail, a prisoner’

a prisoner says ‘Aaaarghhh!!.. Buggl n gump.. Figgle and fump..’

You say, ‘Are you Ariska Zimel?’

a prisoner stares deeply into your eyes.. Very eerie!!

a prisoner says ‘Bog n Goo.. Blanket too!!’

a prisoner says ‘Bog n Goo.. Blanket too!!’

a prisoner hands you something and says, ‘Hide, hide, safe, cee.. lerk has the clue.. Must travel.. Travel.. Travel.. Tunaria’s corridor..’

You say, ‘Hail, Bank Clerk Jaylin’

Bank Clerk Jaylin says ‘Greetings! I am Jaylin Monel, your Highkeep bank clerk. If you are here to close an account, please return your strongbox key to my assistant Kiolna and she will return any items you may have stored.’

You say, ‘Hail, Assistant Kiolna’

Assistant Kiolna says ‘Hello! I am Jaylin’s new assistant, Kiolna. If you wish to hand in your keys, please give them to me and I will be happy to assist you! It is a pleasure doing business with you.’

Assistant Kiolna says ‘I am sorry to see you check out. Here is all you had in your box. We hope to serve you again. Have a nice day!! Next!’

For your great service to the Temple of Life I shall honor your request and hold Soulfire until I see this note presented to me by either you or a noble courier of the Hall of Truth.

Brother Hayle

You say, ‘Hail, Priestess Jahnda’

Priestess Jahnda says ‘Welcome to the Temple of Life, where the will of Rodcet Nife, the Prime Healer, is carried out. I am the High Priestess Jahnda. If you require any training in our ways, please talk to any of our priests or any of the paladins of the Temple of Life.’

You say, ‘Where is Brother Hayle?’

Priestess Jahnda says ‘Brother Hayle Mool is one of our finest clerics. He could convert anyone to the ways of Rodcet Nife. Recently, he has been out in the [Plains of Karana] trying to befriend the [Splitpaw clan]. I pray he has not become their prisoner or even worse, their dinner.’

You say, ‘Hail, Brother Hayle’

Brother Hayle says ‘This is no place for you. These Splitpaws are very fierce. Only the power of Rodcet Nife will guide them to the light. By the way, I might warn you that the cells here lock behind you.’

Brother Hayle says ‘Finally!! I see that Ariska has found a noble knight to retrieve Soulfire. Per Ariska’s orders I am not to give Soulfire to you until you can show me [proof of nobility]. You must honor both the Temple of Life as well as the Hall of Truth and to a high degree. Only then shall you hold Soulfire.’

You say, ‘What proof of nobility?’

Brother Hayle says ‘I require the returned note I gave you, a Testimony of Truth, a Sword of Faith and finally the hilt of Soulfire. The Testimony and Sword of Faith are earned in the Hall of Truth, but for the hilt of Soulfire you shall have to battle [Xicotl].’

You say, ‘Who is Xicotl?’

Brother Hayle says ‘Xicotl is the evil troll who attempted to steal Soulfire from the vaults of the Temple of Life. The hilt of Soulfire broke off during the battle and now rests in the hands of this troll shadowknight. From what I have heard, he is frequently an invited guest at the castle called Mistmoore. Woe to any paladin who dares set foot upon the land of Mistmoore, but should you attempt it you might search the guest rooms for the troll. May Rodcet Nife walk with you.’

Valeron Dushire says ‘I am Sir Valeron Dushire, leader of the order of the Knights of Truth. If your soul shines with purity and strength, I urge you to join our order. The might of Mithaniel Marr stands behind all who join. Soon that might will help us free this city from the tyranny of the [Freeport Militia].’

You say, ‘What Freeport Militia?’

Valeron Dushire says ‘The Freeport Militia took control of this city long ago. They are nothing more than a group of thugs not worthy of respect. They follow the words of [Sir Lucan] D’Lere. He has been a thorn in this city’s side for too long. If you wish to aid us in the fight against tyranny, go speak with Jemoz or Sir Theron. May the Truthbringer shine upon your soul.’

You say, ‘Who is Sir Lucan?’

Valeron Dushire says ‘Lucan is a bad seed. You see, I trained Sir Lucan. He was nothing more than a street rat who was taken in by the Temple of Marr. The priests taught him and found him to be very agile and strong. They requested either the Priests of Marr or the Knights of Truth take him on as a squire. Gygus could not spare the trainers at the time and so we took the boy. The boy became a man, and a very formidable knight. Then something [went awry].’

You say, ‘What went awry?’

Valeron Dushire says ‘During one of our crusades into the lands of Norrath, we left Sir Lucan in charge of the remaining knights. He did much good and the people respected him. He was overtaken by power. He soon began to hire mercenaries to guard the city, calling them the Freeport Militia. His true downfall began when he killed Sentry Dillius, a paladin of the Priests of Marr. His divine powers were stripped from his soul. He was a paladin no longer. He and his militia now control the city. They treat it as their playground and bully the populace. Someone must [stop Sir Lucan].’

You say, ‘I will stop Sir Lucan’

Valeron Dushire says ‘That would be good, but I doubt you can. We have been trying for years and are unable to get him apart from the militia. If you do the impossible and destroy Sir Lucan, bring me his testimony. Every knight of the Hall of Truth carries a signed testimony. Sir Lucan still holds his.’

Sir Lucan D`Lere says ‘Die, dog!!’

Sir Lucan D`Lere says ‘You cannot stop the undead!! Foolish mortal!!’



I believe in the might of Mithaniel Marr. I shall uphold the words of Marr and defend them with my life. I shall protect the righteous weak and avenge the souls of those whose life has been taken for naught. From this day forth I shall become a living vessel for the ideals of the Truthbringer and if I should ever falter from his grace may he cast me from this life and into the lifeless void.


Sir Lucan D’Lere


Valeron Dushire says ‘Praise be to Marr!! You have done the impossible!! Sir Lucan is finally sent to the higher courts of the Tribunal. The city now has a chance to prosper. The Hall of Truth has been redeemed and gives you thanks. Take this. It is the Sword of Faith. May you wield it with righteousness. Beware of the remainder of the militia. They will be hunting for your head.’

You say ‘Hail, Merko Quetalis’

Merko Quetalis says ‘Hail, good citizen! You have entered the Hall of Truth. What is it you seek? Many citizens come to request aid in dealing with the local rogues or the oppression of our sworn enemies, the Freeport Militia. A few valiant ones have been [summoned to the Hall of Truth].’

You say, ‘I have been summoned to the Hall of Truth.’

Merko Quetalis says ‘You have been summoned? You do not have the look of nobility. You must be a [squire]. There are many squires who have been summoned to our Hall. Not all pass the [Test of Truth].’

You say ‘I am a squire.’

Merko Quetalis says ‘Then I welcome you, Squire . Being a squire is the first step to becoming a true knight of the Hall of Truth. Remember always to protect and serve the meek. I have a [small task] which suits a squire perfectly.’

You say ‘What small task?’

Merko Quetalis says ‘Venture to the Commonlands and seek out our noble friend Altunic Jartin. He lives and works out of his home. Hand him this note.’

I have sent this squire to look into your problem for you. Hope to see you at services at the Temple of Marr.

Sir Merko Quetalis
Hall of Truth

You say ‘Hail, Altunic Jartin.’

Altunic Jartin says ‘Greetings, traveler! Have you need of provisions or perhaps other wares? I sell what I find upon the battlegrounds of the Commonlands.’

Altunic Jartin says ‘You are the one they have sent? A squire?!! I hope you can help me. I gather items strewn upon the grounds of the Commonlands. I sell them at good prices. Lately, I have been terrorized by a human rogue named Narls. He will no doubt appear at my [house] soon. Bring his head to me.’ (Note that Narl’s name is misspelled in this text; it doesn’t have an S in it.)

You say, ‘Where is your house?’

Altunic Jartin says ‘Follow me.’

Squire Narl says ‘Death to all who oppose Innoruuk’s will!!’

Squire Narl’s corpse says ‘Innoruuk has seen what you have done. His hate, along with the Dismal Rage, will find you.’

Altunic Jartin says ‘You have performed a great service to me, but I fear others will attack me while I stroll the countryside. It would be very noble of you to fetch me a cloth shirt for protection from wicked creatures. It is not much, but it will help.’

Altunic Jartin says ‘Thank you. You are very noble for a squire. I can see you becoming a very valuable asset to the Hall of Truth. Take this token. Tell Merko that you have [earned the Token of Generosity].

You say ‘I have earned the Token of Generosity.’

Merko Quetalis says ‘Go to the deserts of North Ro. Seek out the desert tarantulas. Stand and face this dreaded creature. If you are lucky, you will find a venom sac. This is what I require. When you return, hand it to me.’

Merko Quetalis says ‘You have earned the token of bravery. Now you must ask yourself if you are ready to face true fear. You will have but one chance. If you feel you are powerful enough to easily slay that desert tarantula, then hand me both tokens earned and you shall face the Test of Truth.’

You say ‘What Test of Truth?’

Merko Quetalis says ‘Only when a squire is ready, may he tempt his fate. All he need do is hand the tokens of bravery and generosity to me. If the squire survives his ordeal, then he or she shall enter the order of the Knights of Truth. The squire will be given the Testimony of Truth and become a respected knight.’

Merko Quetalis says ‘Go to the open sewer across the way. Inside you shall find your opponent. Victory shall bring you your final token. Return it to me. Remember our ways and remember our foes. Send them to their judgement in the afterlife. Be swift with your thoughts. May Marr be with you.’

You say, ‘Hail, Guard Willia’

Guard Willia says ‘Please, let me go. I shall leave the [Freeport Militia]. I did not know they were such a vile group.’

You say, ‘What about the Freeport Militia?’

Guard Willia says ‘I thought they were nothing more than the local militia. Little did I know they were so vile. Now I am stuck [here] and I ask for your forgiveness.’

You say, ‘Why are you here?’

Guard Willia says ‘I came here to escape the militia and ask [Merko to forgive] me.’

You say, ‘Why ask Merko to forgive you?’

Guard Willia says ‘I had a small encounter with his wife, my aunt. She was quite red after that altercation. I guess I upset her in a great way, somehow. Could you please go ask Merko to forgive [Willia]. I shall wait here for his answer.’

If you don’t attack Willia for a while, she will say:

Guard Willia says ‘Please do not harm me!! I am a lady underneath this garb. I just wanted to join the [Freeport Militia] to help my people.. Please.. Please.. I am nobody. Marr have mercy. I give you the truth. Is that not what you stand for? Merko is my Uncle!!’

You say, ‘Who is Willia?’

Merko Quetalis says ‘She is my niece. Lucan ordered her to kill my wife.. She did. She now belongs to the Freeport Militia. As part of the militia, she must die!! Let no militia member stand in the way of nobility.’

Guard Willia says ‘Thank you, my friend. I shall mend my ways.. maybe.’

Guard Willia’s corpse says ‘Your name shall be added to the most wanted list of the Freeport Militia!!’

Merko Quetalis says ‘You have performed well. You have shown your allegiance to truth and cast aside the Freeport Militia. The militia will surely despise you from now on. This is how they treat the Knights of Truth. Beware. The followers of Marr stand alone in this city.’


I believe in the might of Mithaniel Marr. I shall uphold the words of Marr and defend them with my life. I shall protect the righteous weak and avenge the souls of those whose life has been taken for naught. From this day forth I shall become a living vessel for the ideals of the Truthbringer and if I should ever falter from his grace may he cast me from this life and into the lifeless void.


Brother Hayle says ‘I will not hand Soulfire to you until you hand me the Soulfire hilt, Testimony of Truth, Sword of Faith and the returned note. I require them as [proof of nobility].’

Brother Hayle says ‘I will not hand Soulfire to you until you hand me the Soulfire hilt, Testimony of Truth, Sword of Faith and the returned note. I require them as [proof of nobility].’

Brother Hayle says ‘I will not hand Soulfire to you until you hand me the Soulfire hilt, Testimony of Truth, Sword of Faith and the returned note. I require them as [proof of nobility].’

Brother Hayle says ‘You have proven yourself worthy to hold Soulfire. Do not let her slip into the hands of evil. There are many who wish to free the many trapped souls of shadowknights and necromancers trapped inside the blade. The power of the blade can be called upon to heal you if need be. May Rodcet Nife and the twins of Marr hold you in their glory.’

Congratulations on getting your SoulFire


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