On Iceclad Ocean

We have received recent reports from Ak`Anon that a new continent has been discovered

New marine technology recently developed by the gnomes enabled the Ak`Anon Marines to break through the Frigid Barrier to the south of Odus and in doing so, they discovered lands previously unknown.

A remarkable marine craft created by the gnomish inventors is capable of actually breaking through thick ice, enabling them to reach new waters, dubbed the “Iceclad Ocean”. The ship has been named “Icebreaker” by its inventors, for obvious reasons.

The islands first encountered by the gnomes have been christened “The Icy Fingers” due to their shape and climate. The gnomes who discovered the continent explored these islands making various camps, many of which still remain and serve as outposts.

Geologists and historians theorize that these are the lands first populated by dragonkind in the earliest days of Norrath’s existence. Mages levitating over the continent report that the scars of the great crystalline dragon Veeshan can be seen on this continent, and preliminary archaeological reports indicate that it was also here that the first dragons were hatched and where they dwelled.

The great body of water known as the Iceclad Ocean is filled with dangerous icebergs and monsters of the deep. The ingenious design of The Icebreaker enabled it to cut its way through the many icebergs to the the first island in a group called the Icy Fingers. There, they discovered what seems to be the only dock in the entire Iceclad Ocean.

The first Icy Finger is the smallest of the islands, where the intrepid group of explorers discovered a small band of gnomish pirates plying their trade on the northern side of the island. To travel from the first icy finger to the second, the band of adventurers found it necessary to travel from ice floe to ice floe, risking the perilously cold waters.

The second Icy Finger was found to be larger than the first, and on its outer edges, groups of snow gnolls live out their meager existence in small fishing villages. While exploring a small forest of pine trees, they discovered a formidable edifice apparently named the Tower of Frozen Shadow. The mysterious structure has no visible means of entrance, and seems to have been constructed solely of shadow and ice.

Not much is yet known about the original builders of the Tower, but the Icebreaker’s crew reports that the building is approximately seven stories tall and that the entire structure is believed to be filled with fearsome, unearthly beings.

Reference: http://web.archive.org/web/20010610202245/http://everquest.station.sony.com/hht/veliouslore/1st.jsp


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