Faded Scraps of Parchment

I have managed to construct the blade.
Unfortunately I found that the blade is only the
first step. For now the sword is quite useless to
me, as I do not have the necessary components
to create the focus gem for the hilt. For now I
leave it in the care of Vhalen. It’s possible I
won’t survive my journey. If I don’t then
perhaps another troubadour will take up the task I
have failed. I can only hope that the records of
my journey survive to help lead those who follow
me. For now I struggle to find the method to
imbue the blade with the true draconic spirit. So
now I travel through the maws of dragons, May
Veeshan guide my footsteps

The annals of skyshrine have proven most
useful. Most people know of the 4 basic
elemental dragons, fire, water, earth, air. What
most people don’t know is that some dragons
embody the characteristics of the natural world
as well asthe higher elements. I have found
record of mountains dragons, plains dragons,
swamp dragons, and forest dragons of Norrath.
These dragons seem to tend to solitary life in the
environment they favor. These draggons often
take the form of a more mundane creature
native to their habitat, which accounts for their
perceived rarity. Perhaps that’s what I need
to create the focus crystal.


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