Quest Journal: Warlock Epic

Find out what happened to Ritter Shortshank, Slayer of Gherzhas, Hero of Everling Village. Wonder if he is even still alive?

I should look into what exactly happened at Everling Village. Perhaps I could find more by visiting Lord Everling’s former home.

I need to find a descendant of an Everling Village resident who can tell me more about the warlock who tormented Everling village.

Before agreeing to tell me anything about the warlock who terrorized Everling village, I must retrieve a research tome that Dalmat claims was stolen from him by a Qeynosian named Abelard Raleigh

Dalmat Rageshree has given me a small book containing the history of man named Alexander Simond. Perhaps it will give me a clue as how I should proceed

I found a journal entry, presumably from Alexander Simond, which details the creation of a poison known as Siv’ajauhar’s Kiss

Tahd Feek has given me an extensive list of items I will need so that he can create the poison known as Siv’ajauhar’s Kiss

I need to bring the gathered materials to Tahd Feek in Teren’s Grasp

I need to place the bottle of Siv’ajauhar’s Kiss in the safe place mentioned in Alexander Simond’s journal

I opened a secret compartment revealing a second journal entry and a strange idol. I should try to find out more about Kyrtoxxulous and this idol. Perhaps I could find a book on this matter

I should see if I can find a shrine built to honor Kyrtoxxulous so I can learn more about Alexander Simond’s intentions for the Idol I found.

I need to follow the footsteps and find who created the shrine.

I need to find the Idol of Sakpat’azif. The pox-ridden reet slave mentioned it was taken from him by the drolvarg of Karnor’s Castle.

I need to find someone who knows about the Idol of Sital’athoth.

I need to find someone who knows about the Idol of Yam’alogaeth.

Now that I possess all four Idols I need to complete the ritual started by the reet slaves.


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