The Dolls of Nyth are what remains of the entire population of an ancient dark elf province of the Underfoot. The province of Nyth was comprised of some of the greatest warriors of the dark elves. In the ages previous to the Thex Dynasty the province of Nyth conspired with ——– to seize control of the Duchy of the Dead, the cradle of all black arts to the dark elves. They failed. For this act the entire population was condemned to spend eternity on Norrath, but not in the usualy undead fashion. They were burned alive and their souls bound to small mystic dolls, the Dolls of Nyth. The dolls can be controlled through spells only known to the dark elves. Some reports exist of Dolls of Nyth that have been given life and now either act on their own thoughts or act on their last command. These rag dolls were once only held by the Dead, but they have since been spread throughout Norrath as gifts or curses. Currently a portion of the dolls exists within Nektropos Castle having been given to Rikantus Everling as a gift for his seeming betrayal to Freeport.



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